i am going to peru on march 2010 with a groups of friends to a convention. we would really like to know what clothes to take and what...

...other things i need to take besides my camera other question is how is the currecncy there??


Country: Peru


if you'll stay in Lima, march is a hot month and never rain. So just take with you light clothes.
Peruvian currency is the Nuevo Sol. Change against dollar is around 1 dollar = 2.85 nuevos soles, but usually change is 1 dollar for 3 soles.
Dollar is normally accepted quite everywhere in shops, markets, taxi etc.
light clothes is ok do you have an ev mail ?
Is a hot month maybe you need one sweater o jacket but no more
the weather depends of the place you're going. It's hot here in Lima but there's considerable quantity of water in the atmosphere so it tends to be kind of wet and sometimes falls some drizzle... nothing to worry about really .. the average of temperature is close to 26 - 27 ºC (80ºF). If you're going to the jungle the rain it's something you do have to worry about, in that case you'd need a good impermeable and if you're planning to do some trek in the forest I advise a pair of rubber boots. At high mountains is always recommendable to wear some coats, overall at nights.

Just worry about your camera charging, pairs of extra batteries or kind of. you won't want to loose a piece of this wonderful land.
Hi! March is still a warm month in Lima,a little bit humid but summer nevertheless; so light clothing is what you´ll need; domnot forget though,that if you are in a convention,air conditioning will be in "hi" so you´ll need a light sweater,as well if you find some fresh evenings.
At this moment,the currency is around S/.2.90 soles per us$
You can also check local weather online,a couple of weeks before comming here! have a great week end! :)
is end of summer 27celsius approx, fresh nights.
currency 2.9 per dollar
what else? swimsuit maybe, sunglasses, and if there are bikers contact me hahaha
have good time when here
We will still be in summer here in March. It depends which part of Peru you're going to. If you're just staying in Lima, bring summer cloths (shorts, t-shirts etc). You might want to bring a light jacket when you are by the ocean because of the breeze. Be very careful with your valuable things because theft is very high here. The currency here pretty much 3 to 1. So for every dollar you get roughly 3 "soles". So, for example, a bottle of water here costs 1 sole. So that's about 33 cents. Everything is very cheap here, but it depends on how you do things. If you do things the touristy way, it will cost about the same as it would in the States. Hope this answers your questions and God bless!
March is the begining of summer but still summer time.
In Lima should be no rain, humidity up to 90%. Long pants are ok also jeans maybe for thr night if you are coming with formal cloth with a tie bring a thin jacket and pants. This is for all the coast. Hot and humed.
You can pay with american dollars almost everywere. Euros and dollars easy to change in local currency.
depends were the conference is,, peru has all types of weather.

the currency is the sol ,, there are small flucuations each day in the exchange rate.
Lima is still considered summer time down here, though summer is mild with temperature around 75-80F. American currency has been loosing its value lately and the current exchange rate is of 2.85soles per dollar, not long ago it was 3 per dollar. In most places american currency will be accepted so don´t change much , its easily done here. Try to blend in, Lima is a country of inmigrants, if you only spoke fluent spanish nobody will be able to tell you´re not 'limeños' (which is great to really feel like exploring from within) your clothes should be lowed key in colour and not to trendy, this is the third world and 'gray' is the best adjective to describe Lima.
Dear Jeny:
I suppose your convention will be in Lima (if it will be in some other place the weather may be quite different for we have high sierras and jungles, so let us know in which city will it be); in Lima, March is still the end of summer here and the temperature (in Celsius degrees) may be around 28ª at mid day to 24ª at midnite, nothing extreme (of course it may feel different if you live in Finnland!). You know? In Lima we may say we have only two seasons, summer (not so hot!) an winter (not so cold), because of the presence of the Humboltd Current (cold waters in front of our coasts):
The actual currency here is about 3 new soles for one US dollar, being stable for some years by now. To illustrate you more I'll give some examples on everyday things you may need to buy:
You can buy 6 individual pieces of bread for 1 sol (33 cents of a dollar)
A complete meal in a fancy restaurant (that you should consider!) may cost you no more than 100 soles (34 US dollars).
Two kilograms of ripe oranges for less than 1 US dollars.
Two litter Coca Cola bottles for 1 US dollars
I kilogram of mangos for a dollar and a half.
A Big Mac (quarter pounder) for 2 US dollars.
A taxi inside the city (not from one extreme to another) should be no more than 4 US dollars.
Bring your bathing suit and slaps, or better, plan to buy them here, we have some beautiful beaches south of Lima.
Don`t forget to ask for our incredible CEBICHE (super fresh fish cooked on lemmon juice, onions, fresh corn and sweet potatoes), and be prepared to deal with glorious PISCO Sour!
I can help you specially in security tips you'll need to to know (it's my specialty!)

If you have any specific prices you would like to ask, please be my guest!
Good luck!,
Peru is a very diverse country and what you bring to wear depends on whether you are going to the tundra-like high puna, or to the Amazon jungle. “Casual” does not quite have the same meaning in Peru (a fairly conservative, traditional South American country), as it does in the U.S. Jeans are fine but tank tops and shorts are never a good idea, unless of course you are on a hike.
--Slacks, long sleeved shirts, jeans.
Packing a dress or skirt might also be a good idea for women.
--T-shirts, sweatshirts.
--A sweater, but don’t worry if you skip this: Cusco is the place to buy great alpaca sweaters at very good prices.
--A warm jacket and/or fleece.
--A pair of gloves, a scarf and a wool knitted hat (for cold nights)
-- Some kind of raingear and/or a folding umbrella. .
--Good walking shoes/hiking boots and socks; teva sandals or sneakers.
--Underwear, sleepwear.
--A hat or a cap to protect you from the sun
--Toilet kit and personal medicine kit.
--Sun glasses, sunscreen (high factor: 30+), moisturizer, lip balm, mosquito repellent (for Machu Picchu).
--A Swiss-army knife (remember to pack it in your check-in luggage, not in your carry-on), a flashlight
--Pocket dictionary; e-mail addresses; a guidebook; novels;
--Electrical outlets are 220v. Travel adapters may be hard to find here so bring one with you.
The currency of Peru is the Nuevo Sol. At the time of writing USD $1.00 is equal to S/. 2.80. There are a number of automatic teller machines (ATMs) that take debit as well as credit cards and there are numerous casas de cambio where travelers’ checks may be cashed and dollars exchanged.
If you will be in lima , they are ending summer , fresh clothes are ok , shorts and a lot of energy to support the summer


Just bring fresh clothes is not gonna be cold, the exchange rate at the moment is 2.8 :)
march is still summer on Lima, dont worry about the rain, in only drizzles on winter...summer clothes and a light jackets will be ok.

everything changes if u go to the hilands....and so it does to in the jungle...good luck

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