高知県 吾川郡 いの町 下八川丁 3800

hello.thank for your detail and kind answer. so can you tell me about some tour package program? if that cheap i'd like to make i am looking for tour package in hukuoka. and hotel or guest house in gochi city.may you're read my 2nd question i'd like to go to kakawa for sanuki noodle and naosima,dogo hotspring.i will stay 2~3 nights in please tell me best route. thank you!!


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


From Kochi (高知) you can take a bus to Takamatsu (高松), from Takamatsu you can take a ferry to Naoshima and back to Takamatsu. To go to Dogo hotspring (道後温泉), you need to take a bus from Takamatsu to Matsuyama (松山), and use a local bus from Matsuyama to Dogo hotspring.

Estimated travel time
Kochi -> Takamatsu (2.5hr)

Takamatsu -> Naoshima (0.5hr one way)

Takamatsu -> Matsuayama (2.5hr)

From Matsuyama, you can continue your journey to Kyushu.
Just to add some info. on discount bus ticket. There is a discount bus ticket name "Shikoku Gurtto 88" , you can purchase the ticket and use it to travel between Kochi - Takamastu - Matsuyama. The price of the ticket is 8800 yen and you can use it to travel between the 4 prefectures for 4 times. You can get the ticket at Kochi station or any convenient store.

(Places where you can get the ticket at Kochi) Kochi bus terminal.
thank you very much
You can find out cheap Kochi hotel package at this site.

Price is 2750yen~ per night.

But you should log in Rakuten with your personal info.

Can your PC indicate correct Japanese word? If never, it is very hard to find out
package tour by Japanese site.

When you arrive to Fukuoka, maybe you have several time for transfer to Kochi.
Visit to information desk at Fukuoka airport.
Concierge will be helpful assistance for your tour arrangement.
They have PC access, language skill and find out your customize tour planning.
Fukuoka airport’s URL:

You don’t worry about over booking of hotel at Kochi and Kyusyu-island.
It is enough number of rooms.

thank you very much
I think just book yourself a car, and hotel on the internet. There are a few sites in English and probably Korean if you look up Kochi (not Gochi) and Kagawaken.
thank you

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