Hi, I really want to visit Egypt in December but my parents are a bit concerned about the swine flu so I was wondering how bad it is...

...over there. Also, do you think the situation might get better if I wait till next summer? Thanks in advance, N. E.


Country: Egypt


Hii agen No problem about the swin flu her, I never her about someone so is seek.

Only 3 person in the hole country so is deed,,of flu and the are 80. mill people her.
welcome to Egypt

regards Johanne
This is the official situation.

Egypt reported its sixth H1N1 death on Tuesday as well as 197 new cases, according to the Ministry of Health..

On the same day, 197 new cases of H1N1 were reported — the highest number reported in a single day since the virus first appeared in Egypt last June.

Egypt has reported a total of 2,078 H1N1 cases so far.

According to the Information and Decision Support Center, 1,918 have recovered while the rest are receiving treatment in hospitals.

Egypt is taking lots of precautions in an attempt to limit the flu arriving and spreading. The situation is certainly not as bad as in many other countries. No one can guarantee your safety anywhere but I think you should be able to travel here as safely as if you stayed at home :-) You'll have an amazing trip!

Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel
i do not think it is a problem yet, you can come any time.
We are 80 Million, percentage is less than nothing 2000 only infected with H1N1 recovery over 1900. what about your country????
Awaiting your next visit to EGYPT to welcome you here!! ANYTIME of the year.
egypt from the lowest countries infected by the flue its not every where like mexic and the states and there r many ways to fight the flue if they found some cases i see they put gates in the airports to know ur body temb and egypt tourism didnt affected by the flue there r millions of tourists come to egypt all the year if u needed any help feel free to contact me
The death rate in Egypt because of Swine flu is very very negligible .. its less than 14 cases out of 3800 reported cases, thats 0.03%... So I think you should not worry about swine flu at all

I think you got a perfect answers from my colleagues

Enjoy your time

There are confirmed human cases of the H1N1 virus (Swine Flu) in Egypt, including several deaths. The World Health Organisation (WHO) Pandemic Threat Alert has been raised to Level 6.The Egyptian authorities no longer screen for the Swine Flu virus at their airports nor place in quarantine those who show flu-like symptoms. However, several British nationals have been taken to hospital after showing high temperatures and/or flu-like symptoms. If you have a high temperature and/or flu like symptoms, you should seek medical advice prior to travel to prevent hospitalization on arrival in Egypt.Medical facilities can be basic and vary throughout the country. Consular staff are unable to secure better hospital facilities or food and because of isolation requirements are unable to visit those affected. bt it s safe now & i ensure you that no swine flu in egypt right now & you can come anytime you want

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