Is it cheaper to flight to Singapore from PHUKET or BANGKOK ? What CHEAP airline do you recommend?thx


Country: Thailand


Hi Air Asia is your best bet.
As for flying from Bangkok or Phuket, it depends where you are at the time ?
Phuket to Singapore is the shortest flight time of 1: 2o minutes.
Check out thier web site at

Happy flying.
thanjx, of course it depend on where am I. I'm in Bangkok but planning to move to Phuket that is why I need to see whether I will flight to Singapore from Bkk or Phuket. Phuket is 680 km south of Bangkok so it's surely shorter flight, my question was about pricing. thx anyway
Hello Benjamin
Check out the airasia website and or talk with them, they are always having specials and promotions to get travellers to travel with their airline. They are not bad, I have flown with them before. No problem. Happy holidays here.
For pricing you better visit , because it heavily depends on when you are intending to go!

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