I will be in Tokyo till 6th Dec. Q1- How long is the travel time by bus from Kawaguchiko to Gotemba by Fujikyu Bus? Q2- What... the travel time from Gotemba to Hakone by the Odakyu Bus ? p/s I'm also not sure if the above bus services operate in Nov and Dec! Q3 - Is Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park open in late Nov & early Dec? doesn't state. My colleague believes it is closed and the winter activities don't start till after I leave Japan. Q4, Are the following services running in Dec? - Mountain Railway (Hakone Tozan Train) - Hakone Tozan Cablecar - Hakone Ropeway - Pirate Boats in Lake Ashi - Hakone Tozan Bus - Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus Lastly, on average, what is the temperature range in Tokyo in early Decemeber? I will be visiting Disneyland, Disneysea, Kawaguichiko & Hakone. Thank you!


Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


1. Travel time from Gotemba to Hakone is around 35 minutes according to the time table. But you know traffic, when it gets heavy, it will take more than that. Please check the time table on this link
2. Travel time Kawaguchiko to Gotemba by Fujikyu bus is about 1 hour 10 minutes, but that depends on the traffic. Please check this link for time table
3. Fuji Q highland operates in December too. It there is strong wind, typhoon, rain, snow, or anything that will jeopardize the life of people, it will be closed.
Please check this link
So you can see the time and when they close.
4. Yes, they are all running in Dec. Unless there are earthquakes, typhoon and other natural disasters.
Temperature in Dec. may be around 5 - 10 degree celcius.
If there is cold wind from the North it may be colder.
In the morning it will be very cold, it can reach 0
5. My suggestion for Hakone trip:
buy Hakone Free Pass 5000 yen.
It will cover your :
bus trip
Hakone Tozan Bus
Hakone Cable Car
Pirate Boats
Some discounts for museums, etc.
On Nov.3, I went there for seeing foliage. It was beautiful.
The route: shinjuku, hakone yumoto, gora, sounzan, togendai, hakone cruise until moto hakone, taking bus to hakone yumoto, going back to Shinjuku. If you need further help, please do ask.
Dear Guest,

Ms. Rachman had kindly advice for you, already.
So I present several suggestion and recommendation.

First of all, Hakone Tozan Bus, Hakone Cable Car, Ropeway will be affected by climate, especially snow and/or storm. (It is rare case of snow in early Dec.) When you will board on these transporters, you would like to better check out weather forecast before leave. There are located in high altitude and mountain area.

When you will visit Disney land, check out these URLs. You can find out several reasonable hotel & ticket plan. First one is Japanese site. If you need my help, please let me know. Second one, you try to call directly, telephone operator will provide you good plan, too.

Q1. When I took the bus in Sept 2009 it took about 45 minutes, although the listed time was 35 minutes.

Q2. The listed time is 1 hr 10 min. However, when I drive in that area, it always seems to be crowded. So, it could take a bit longer. I would anticipate about an hour and 30 minute trip.

Q3.Fuji-Q is open in November and December. Although, it does depend on the weather. Heavy rain and/or windy days are all possible in December and those are the factors that will close the park.

Q4. All of them do run during December. But as above they are all at the grace of mother nature. As Elly mentioned, buy the Hakone Free Pass. It is a great deal and will be well worth the 5000 yen.

The weather is usually mild to cool in Tokyo in early December, about 8-10 degres celcius (45-50 degrees F).
Disneyland and Disney Sea are right on Tokyo Bay. So, they may have different weather than that of Downtown Tokyo. Generally it is a little cooler and a little bit more wind blows through the amusement parks.
Kawaguichiko & Hakone are in the mountains so they will be cooler. I usually anticipate a much cooler day and almost always bring a jacket or sweater when I travel there in late November and December.

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