I am going to be in france for the month of January (arriving Paris). What are good places to see/visit with weather probably not so...

...good. I hope to spend first 2 weeks in Paris where I have accomodation with a friend and then spend second two weeks visiting other parts of France practicing my not very good french! I am 19 and a poor student so am on a budget. Also what is the cheapest way to travel around? I hope to end up in spain after to spend 3 weeks or so before heading back to OZ...


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cheers, K.
Hi Michele,

Head south for some better weather in January/February, Montpellier is a really cool student city on the Mediterranean, or to the ski slopes of the Alps or the Pyrenees for fantastic skiing.

To get around cheapy suggest :

By Air - - low cost airline. Check out Paris Beauvais to Marseilles or to Girona in North Eastern Spain
By Train - - low cost high speed train tickets
By Bus - ! - low cost bus tickets in Languedoc Roussillon & Catalonia

Bon voyage,
Hello Michelle
good choice for your trip! So i think to the weather no so good in january.For visit good places you have a large choice : first "eiffel tower"(sure)and the "musee du louvre".You can walk at "saint michel" the famous district near "notre dame".For move in paris u can take the subway (very easy).
How did you make out? Any advice to those who follow in your footsteps? If you are still in Europe and dont mind a little cold, try visiting Prague. It is very cheap this time of year to stay, eat or drink.
All good...only lasted 2 weeks in France. Then few days in Anmsterdam...insane but great! Been in Italy one week so far. At least its a bit warmer... have spoken more french here than in France!!! Pompei amazing... Rome, Florence...Hostel experience has been great. So many ozzies... where are all the Europeans? Probably in OZ!!!

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