There are 466 Localytes in Sri Lanka, so if each undertake to write a quality review of not more than 50 words about the star...

...touristic spots of Sri Lanka, there will be a good amount of information for a traveller and motivate them to visit Sri Lanka. What do you think?


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Yes its good
Start writing, you will be rewarded with points for your trouble!
Not a clear question...But it wont have a motivation for a traveller to visit sri lanka..
Why not? If the reviews are written in an enticing manner that will make a traveller want to visit? Why do you think sites such as TripAdvisor publish reviews? Hotels pay for good reviews as they can benefit.
good idea
Start writing, you will be rewarded with points for your trouble!
good idea dear.....
Start writing, you will be rewarded with points for your trouble!
Yes;This idea is brilliant,I also think the same.Not only about the places but also about the facilities and about accomodation available for tourists would be graet.
yes, maybe you could make a little money too if you tell the hotels that you can write a review on their facilities or if they have something already written you will show case it on your website or localyte page:)
Hi Olivia,
In your profile i saw this. If you put things like, people can go on a fishing boat to see Dolphins ect... how about their safety??? At least do they have life jackets? If something goes wrong what are the fishermen going to do????

Whale Watching in Galle, and other coastal areas - Sri Lanka
Price: Ask Me

This is a recent picture of whales and dolphins off Mirrissa. If you are on a low budget it is possible to get a group together and negotiate with a willing fisherman for around $10 to $15 per head.
Yes of course that is hardly a question to ask. It is expected to provide the visitor with all safety equipment and if possible an insurance cover.
At the Mirissa as far as I know there are two groups doing whale watching with proper equipment,communication needs and insurance cover with trained life guards.When you try to promote the fishermen what would be the future for those who have already begun it. If tourist visit our country and they are on a low budget they should not do such tours. I'm sure when some one arrives to sri Lanka they come to spend money and not save money and on the other hand from what you are trying to promote you are blocking the foreign exchange.Please dont try to bring down the popularity of MY COUNTRY and put MY COUNTRY down as a cheap tourist destination.
Are you one of the groups? Your country happens to be my country as well. What a visitor to our country wants to do is up to them. All I know is it is my duty to welcome my visitors and show them the best of our country. The ones who cannot afford can be good ambassadors for future business. I don't see how I am an instrument in blocking foreign exchange to the country. They will still spend in $$$ and not barter. If a poor fisherman wants to build a business I will go all out to help him on his feet. I have supported 30 fishermen in the past with boats, fishing gear, safety equipment and GPS.
Dear Madam,,

Yes, this idea is brilliant...

Thanks & Best regards,
Then I think you should start writing some interesting reviews to promote this country as a truly affordable tourist destination.
yeah, thats kool XD
It will be a good idea then to start writing your reviews on the best places to visit.
Dear Olivia,

I think you must select pleases what are you like to visit. Pleases are DALADA MALIGAWA-Kandy / ELEPHANT ORPHANAGE-Pinnawala, (Rambukkana) / BOTNIKAL GARDEN-Peradeniya, (Kandy) / WORLD'S END-Nuwaraeliya / WATER FALLS-all over the country FOREST'S-Sinharaja,Habarana, wilpaththu, kumana etc........................ & More pleases PAGODA, RELIC, WILD ANIMAL'S SAFARI, ELEPHANT RIDING etc...................... 1stly plz. select pleases. When you send me your choice I can reply about time for visit, cost of vehicles, what is the good vehicle for toure, root for visit............... plz. inform your disition to or chinthaka Mallikaarachchi. No. 649/08, Kandy Road, Kegalle. +94 71 601 51 41 (071 601 51 41)
You can write short 50 word reviews on the best places you think a visitor will enjoy and post them on your page!
If you will read carefully you will find so many places reviewed. It need some work to do it, but do it!
I already found many hidden places and secrets described by the Sri Lankan localytes!
Matara s the main city 180 km away from Colombo. It is a Southern costal city. When you are passing on the way you ll find many palces with many attractins There are many tourists centers on the way and many hidden places to visit. We have over 800 cultural centers around the country. There are many in Southern areas. You can enjoy local customs and life styles with these centers.
Hi Olivia,

There will be magical things happening on this page very soon. We have been thinking of promoting Sri Lanka & her beauty, culture & lot more she has to offer those who are fondly visiting her. We shall bring you a glimpse of Sri Lanka prior to start writing pages.....ulll love it im sure!

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