What is good for shopping at Korea?

I have planned a trip to Korean and I want to know what to buy from there. I am interested in designer clothes and bags. Which areas are good for shopping and are there any related websites for those areas where we can browse products?


Country: South Korea


Koreans LOVE designer labels! Rodeo Fashion Street in Cheongdam dong, Gangnam is a mecca for Korean fashionistas. You'll find boutiques filled with Prada, Coach, Gucci, Cartier, Salvatore Ferragamo -- virtually all of the world's top brands! The catch is, these shops are not bargain priced, given their popularity here.

Alternatively, there are huge traditional and wholesale markets covering blocks and blocks of Seoul. Here there are many purported deals on designer products, but they are often suspicious: knock-offs are rampant. The upshot, then, is that Designer wares are in superabundance in Seoul. You must be very cautious, however, because the deals are invariably not the real thing. You will find Gangnam over the river from downtown in Southern Seoul.
My favorite place for trendy deals is MYeong-Dong. You can find a handful of little specialized shops. Right across the street you'll see Sinsagae and Lotte Plaza. Both specialize in luxury shopping. As well as a duty free store. If your in pursuit of traditional goods Insa-Dong and Dongdaemun market are great.
One of the trendiest places to be is Apgujeong in Seoul. Here you will not only find some nice shopping, but everyone seems to be fitted to the teeth with designer clothing.
There are many places to go. In Seoul there is Myeong Dong or fashion street that has all the famous designer stores. You can also find some designer items at the stations because their metro stations are a department store/mall/CGV all in one.
If money is not an object, then Myeong Dong, there's a shop called L street or Shinsaegae or Hyundai department stores (any neighborhood), don't go to Lotte, and if you want good prices, you have to go to Munjeong Dong Rodeo drive, they sell last year's fashion at reduced prices and they have XL sizes for men (#2, Jamsil station) PM me for more info.
Actually all of the places that everyone else has mentioned, however other places like I'Taewon is one of my favorite places, and smaller traditional market places in Anyang, Juan, Bupyeong, inclduing Seoul. If money isn't problem, stick to the expensive stores/shops, but you can basically buy the same/identical product, and for half the price from the places I have mentioned. Happy shopping. If you need a guide, let me know?
in Seoul....

Decent shopping areas include Namdaemun market for electronics, clothes, purses, etc.....

ITAEWON for tailor made suits, sports jerseys etc...

NO SUCH LUCK for having a webpage to browse but if you have a certain suit you like bring a picture of it and have it custom made in Korea..... They'll even put in the HI-End Namebrand Logo you desire

Dongdaemun market for sporting goods apparel and aquipment as well as housewears and kitche goods adn Bedroom sets, sheets, linnens, curtains etc....

in Korea you have to BARGAIN and BARTER...Don't be afraid to walk away from a sale if u don't lik ethe price 80% of the time they will meet your price.
MYEONG-Dong or Itaewon, both on subway map, or just go to any E-mart
Shopping in Korea is easy - the majority of things are cheaper than europe.
However, fashion items can be more expensive. If you are looking for quality items at a decent price, try the big markets in the city you visit.
Hi, i have been in Korea and Seoul at least 50 times, i love it its a shopping paradise, Itaewon is nice, Yoksangdong is antique street, Myong Dong is large shopping area, also Coex is beautiful, below the World Trade center (Asem) not far from there is a large Computer and technical store, good deals there.
Luxury items
- Lotte department store in myung dong
- Apgujung galleria and hyundae
Cheap items
- Namdaemoon
- Dongdaemoon
Fake items
- Itaewon
- Namdaemoon
Cheongdam dong, Gangnam is an excellent place to shop and also Itaewon. Sinsa dong if you are into antiques and art. There are also the traditional and wholesale markets in just about every town..It really depends on how much you have to spend? Good hunting/shopping!


Also, if you don't mind a 2 hour train ride. I find that the city of Daegu has the most centralized shopping area in Korea. Daegu Train station is right at the edge of 24 square blocks of great restaurants, shopping and drinking establishments.

To go straight to the epicenter, take a taxi to "Sam Duk So Bang So".
Are you looking for wholesale quantities or for personal use? If so, Dong-de-mun or Myeong-dong are your best bet.
The best places in Busan are in Nampo-dong and Seoymeyon. You'll find all kinds af anything you want or need, and you can haggle all the prices.
Some of the best shopping is done in Korea. Although, if you want designer clothes, you will need to visit the western department stores. Instead of designer clothes, how about tailored made suits and shoes. You can get that at cheaper price than name brands. One of the best places for that is in Itaewon. Of course, if you willing to travel 30-40 miles and have days to spend in Korea, I know of several places not in Seoul where you can have tailored made clothes.

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