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I want to ask people who have gone on safari what it was like, what did you get to actually do/see? Was it worth it? Would you do it again?


Country: Kenya


Going on safari is the ONLY thing of its kind. The place there is untouched ever since the world was created. Wild animals roam freely. This is where nature and the ecosystem takes its course. Forget about going to the zoo!!! go on safari. You will see animals in their thousands in their natural habitat. You will appreciate how wonderful these animals are! you will understand the meaning of animal freedom and ANIMAL KINGDOM. Kenya is an animal kingdom.There is soooo much to learn on safari that I can go again and again.Keep in touch and I will tell you more especially the types of safaris.
When on Safari you basically get to see wild animals in their natural habitat. Watching a lion hunt down and kill a zebra can be quite an experience, Elephants, Hippos and Rhinos are unforgettable too and watching the wilderbeast migration in the masaai mara is akin to watching a massive waterfall. Kenya has dozens of safari parks and its important that you have a good tour guide as you might take a whole safari and not see anything worthy. Safaris can also be mighty expensive if you don't have the right tour company. all in all its something worth experiencing at least once
in Kenya, there lots of things to learn from when you travel. Kenya is endowed with the beauty of its 42 different tribes with deep and rich cultures that are interesting to learn. the natural endowments are immense and she is flooded with different kinds of animals from birds to lions. she is endowed with the major world climates (summer and winter). interacting with the communities helps you appreciate life and even appreciate and acomodate other people. the ocean and the beaches lined in the coastline of Mombasa are superb. the Hospiatlity industry is of a higher standard and serving visitor like you is our passion. i trust you will visit Kenya someday. Regards and hoping to see you soon.
Thanks for your question,in Kenya we have very many attract full places,they are so many the list is endless,we actually experience fantastic moments because we had lots fun,another thing about that place the wild animals move freely they aren't harmful while proceeding with our adventure we reach a place where we hiked that was the best moment because i like hiking ,i think people love the place it was kind of exercising our body and loosing some extra kg,of course if i would be given a chance to go again or take someone there yes i will,you will live to remember
To start with, there are many different types of safaris, all with vastly different experiences. Your typical safari, that most people think of when they think of East Africa, is a wildlife/photography safari. If you organize it with any average tour company, you'll either fly or drive to a lodge in one of the major parks in the country. When you get there, you'll generally go on a game drive on the way from the park gate or airstrip to the lodge. Depending on what park you're in, you could see anything from lions and elephants to blue duikers (the smallest antelope) and martial eagles (the largest eagle). Depending on what you're personally interested in seeing, your driver/guide will stop the vehicle and let you take pictures and admire the scene.
When you wake up the next morning, in an average commercial safari lodge, you'll eat an early breakfast and go on another game drive, sharing your vehicle with other tourists, either with your group or from another group. Your schedule will be set out for you. In some ways this is nice, as you'll be able to leave all the decision making to the people who should know what they're doing.
A more expensive safari will allow you to dictate what you want to do each day. You're the boss and the camp staff and drivers are at your beck and call. If you dont want to go on a game drive, because you're bum hurts from driving on rough roads all day the day before, you don't have to. If you want to sit around and sip champagne on the deck, overlooking a river or the plains, watching the wildlife, you can. You'll most likely be staying in large luxurious canvas marquees with a custom fit bathroom (with a view). You'll eat amazing food, and be served like a king. You'll probably be treated to a full wine dinner in the middle of the bush, under the stars, at least once.
So to answer your question, YES! It is worth it!! I would do it every day if I had the chance.
i might be biased in giving my side of the story that might be confused with marketing myself. therefore i would refer you to some of our former clients so that they can share with you their experiences. please contact Christoph at and Onno at . thanks and have a good day
Many travelers come to East Africa for various reasons:
- Beach and sunshine
- Wildlife
- Culture
And yes, safari is an experience of its own, one on safari to the major parks clients get to
a) see Wildlife in their natural habitat as it should be
b) first hand experience of Kenyan hospitality coupled with rich culture
Am a Kenyan, born here and grew up here. I have taken many safaris, but after every safari I wish to go back to do the same. As safaris are are diverse and one cannot get enough of the same. I wish to advise you to visit the country and experience first hand what am talking about.
For any information and clarification, plse feel free to contact me

It's one of the most fulfilling things feel the moment i visit a new location. I can tell you one of my most thrilling experiences was when i visited the Kenyan coast and actually crossed over to Zanzibar. The East African coast does not only have the beaches to offer but also centuries old history and a lot more. The moment your time is up and you have to get back to work after the holiday you feel so relaxed and at peace with yourself.

Sunthrill safaris offers safari packages ranging from romance to wildlife to a lot more of varieties you can choose from. However, we can also help you construct a customised itinerary specially for you depending on your needs.
Definitely something you should put in you "to do list". It's magical, and where else to do it than Kenya? and am not saying that because am Kenyan, the facts tell it all. From the beautiful landscapes to the abundant wildlife and bird species and not forgetting the beaches...paradise i tell you, i would go there over and over and over again if it were possible. write to me for details of how i can organise a tailor made beach safari for you at :
Safari is the most thrilling,mind refreshing,rejuvenating,therapeutic experience you could ever have.Seeing animals in their natural habitat is an unrivaled experience.Please take one ASAP,contact us for more details
Did you know that 'safari' is a Swahili word, the national language of Kenya and Tanzania? It actually means to travel, so it can be anything from watching wildlife to lazing around at the beach.
But assuming you mean safari in the classic "Out of Africa" sense, the answer is very much YES. I am a safari guide and game tracker by profession and are lucky enough to go on safari many times in a year. Let me assure you: the wildlife and the scenery never stop to amaze me. It is simply back to nature, especially if you go camping and enjoy a real African experience with campfire, bushsounds and the enless starry sky...
Just come & experience! It will be an unforgettable adventure!
Feel free to contact me if you have any more specific questions.
Ofcourse yes, especially when you are in the world of wild animals, it is fascinating. I just witnessed in utter disbelief the lioness kill one of their own and the king lion mourning for the beloved wife for 3 days. Yes 3 painful and sorrowful days.
I have gone places,met people of different ethnics.its for sure great and its a lifetime experience one would not like to miss
my names are Ronald omondi
my email:
Road Trip,
Good food,
Play games,
Kenya is very diverse...
yes of course it's worth it,you get to see alot of wildlife,learn about the culture.

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