i am travelling to bangkok and bohphut next week i understand their are excellent dentistry facilities can you recommend a...

...reputable dentist it would also be good if you could recommend excursions and must dos


Country: Thailand


Hello, you are correct. Thailand has many very reputable and very skilled dental practitioners. Here are a list of a few that I would recommend.
!. This one for a real treat at .

Hope this helps on the dental side.
Must does, shopping at MBK, see Royal Palace, see the Reclining Budha, go on a cycling tour around Bangkok and then also the floating markets.
Other localytes will give you more suggestions.
Have a wonderful time there.
you can go to Bumrungrad Hospital on Soi 3

The best place!

Every kind of special dentist too!
If I was going to get my teeth done while having a holiday I would chose to go to Pattaya as it is world renowned that foreigner come to Thailand to get services done like health care at reasonable prices so the best organisations have set up in Pattaya it is also easy as when you get to airport it is easier to get to pattaya,
The price of a taxi should be no more 1500 bacht for taxi full so can share with other people. It is easy to come accustomated to pattaya as it isn't as wide spread as Bangkok also the climate is good with the sea being there as well if you want to get away from the bustle of pattaya just go about 6km to Jomtien it is more laid back there are mini bus cars that go between pattaya - jomtien only costing about 30 bact at the most hope this will help you to decide have a good holiday. love from keith the land of smiles. xxxxxx - Cached
As for dentistry, I confirm Thailand among best services available. I'm having my teeth
cared for 35 years down here. Musts to do/see depend upon your interests, time &
money, but Graham suggested the top spots.
I came to live in Thailand with my Thai wife four years ago and my teeth were in a shocking state from the rushed and poor British dentist. I was advised to go to my mother-in-laws dentist as she knew all in the area and knew some are not as good as others.What a Godsend, he said to me "dentistry is an art and a science"and he is truly an artist. A small practice and he even charged me Thai prices (which you wont get in Pattaya or the larger hospitals). If you want to give him a try jump in a taxi and say "Charan sip saam cap". (charansanitwong soi thirteen) the dentist is right at the end of soi 13 next to the tuktuk park and just behind the bank.If you cant see it just ask a tuktuk man "khun maw fang younai cap" (where is the dentist please). I never regret going to see him and would not let a Brit dentist near me again.
One trip I can say is different to all the suggested ones is a trip to the WAT DHAMMAKAYA which is the largest temple in Thailand and the largest building in the world -two million people can sit and meditate or explore the grounds which are the size of a town (by the way it actually is designed like a flying saucer and massive,covered in one million golden Buddhas). Check it out on the net. Its about 30 minutes from Bangkok and you can get a free bus at weekends (again check the net). Also like most temples you can eat free but please "tamboon" make a small merit offering. Good luck whatever.
There are many dentists around hospital in Bangkok such as BNH hospital in Silom, Bangkok hospital, Bamrungraj and Smitivej Hospital. For tooth facility like laser tooth whitening, there is a dental clinic at Siam Paragon in Siam square. There are many shopping malls, fitness center, bowling lanes, theathre around that place.
My favorite,
Dentist Hospital, Sukhumvit Road, Soi 49. The best in Bangkok.

Thonburi 1 Hospital has an excellent dentistry department. It's located not far away from the Grand Palace (on the "other side of the river") close to PRAN NOK market. I'm a client there for more than 15 yrs. My doc is a lady being educated at Chula university and regularly updated on latest treatment techniques in Germany.
Should you have further interest, pls let me know.
There is an abundance of good dentists in Bangkok.
I used the Dental Hospital on Soi 49, Sukhumvit several times and found it excellent.
The good thing about it all is that you can go to the dentist in the mornings and explore all the sights of bangkok the rest of the time.
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