i am planning to come back to my birthplace of mombasa to retire,i am a little worried about my safty,please my brothers and sisters... me to get of this fear,i have been coming back every 10years


Country: Kenya


hi and welcome.
the greatest fear on this world is not to trust in god. i was born in kenya and in the slams where death and fate are your neigbours but now i have discovered the full potentiality of figting fear. just come and trust the same god who is with you whereever you are is the same god will be with you in mombasa.
wish you luck. you can contact me for more encouragement.
Mombasa is a big city with many different areas with differing security situations. If you're planning on retiring in Nyali, you really have nothing to fear. There are other parts of Mombasa which are not quite so nice, though. But if you've been coming back every 10 years, you basically know the situation yourself.
Most big cities all over the world have their share of insecurity. Nairobi is certainly much worse than Mombasa, and I've lived there my whole life. I have friends and family in Mombasa, and I don't worry about them anymore than I would for friends living overseas.

Again, it would be really helpful to know exactly WHERE in Mombasa you plan on retiring. It does make a big difference.
Hi well i would say that Mombasa is 1000 times more safer than Nairobi, secondly when you come choose the place well with your relatives or friends, as there are some isolated incidents of carjackings and house breakings even in mombasa however the % is atleast 1000 times lesser than Nairobi. Ethopian Airlines now directly comes to Mombasa so no hassales of even landing in Nairobi!! I have stayed for many years in Nairobi however i fell in love with mombasa in just first few weeks of my stay here now i am staying here continously for 1 year!!
Thank God for what you have, TRUST GOD for what you need.Mombasa is safe and sound.

Thanks for sharing this info, Have a great weekend a head!

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This is a very interesting question especially that you are most likely living abroad and the information that gets to you is negative about the whole country.

I live in Nairobi and i hope to have a retirement home in Mombasa. having lived in Nairobi or any other big city you will realise that Mombasa is probably one of the most laid back cities. There people are slow and not in a rush and this is an advantage as a city dweller you will realise just how life in the city is indeed a rat race zooming past without noticing your environment.
Mombasa is arguably the safest town to be in it is rare to hear of pickpocketing and even petty thefts and even when they occur the residents are helpful and cooperative. you will enjoy the warmth of the weather and also the warmth of the people who will readily welcome you and even invite you to share a meal wil them.In Mombasa you cannot sleep hungry unless you want to. people are ready to share a meal even with strangers.
It will surprise you that the worst thing you can ever do in Mombasa is to fail to great even a stranger then expect help from them. they find it rude and unethical and your stay might not be pleasant. In Mombasa you live as a community and not as an individual esp in public places.
You will enjoy the variety of foods in Mombasa and do not hesitate to try the foods cooked there. The best cuisine i have tasted in the country is from Mombasa. This is not to say that the place does not have its bad side it has with the shortage of water bad driving of matatus and unnecessary traffic jams it has its dark side. too.
But the good outweighs the bad any day.
Lastly home is where the heart is. If your heart really resonates with Mombasa there is no where else in this world that will rival mombasa. All the best as you consider living the big apple for the land where the will always be a sunrise and sunset 99% of the days of the year.
Well well well. The question of insecurity is in every ones mind but living in various cities, you'll realize that there are different %s of Insecurity. Mombasa is a nice place that everyone admires but it has its insecurities also. The only good thing is that in Mombasa, security enforcers are readily available making insecurity at bay. Thus you have nothing to fear though you have to know the exact place you wanna retire to.
This is because there are places where insecurity is higher than other places, like Security in Nyali is higher than Magongo or Majengo. South Coast runs from Likoni to Ukunda, with varying states of insecurity, so know where you wanna go and help would be easily offered.
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