can i spend euros in egypt


Country: Egypt


Yes you can spend euros from any Money Exchanger or from your hotel
yes u can
any money can be used in cairo
yes you can change it from money exchanger or any bank

yes you can
Yes you can but not everywhere - I find the most widely accepted currency (after Egyptian pounds of course) is still US dollars.

You can change Euros anywhere at banks or exchanges etc., but there are many many places where you cannot spend foreign currency of any type. Even many of the larger hotels require you to change your currency at their exchange or bank outlet rather than accepting the foreign currency. I always advise people to make sure they are carrying Egyptian pounds as well.

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Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel
Euros can be spent and exchanged every where in Egypt except in official places , like the opera house for example , like the monumental official tickets , and if you go out far from the touristic areas may be people does not want to accept it

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