What is the best route to travel from Chiclayo to Tarapoto?

I have three weeks in Peru. I am on a budget but was wondering what anyone recommends for sights and boat travel from Tarapoto to Iquitos? Thanks in advance.


Country: Peru


You have two options, the easy way and the hard way.

Easy: just take a plane to Lima and then to Tarapoto.
Hard: By bus go to Chachapoyas, here you can visit Kuelap, a huge stone city like Machu Picchu but in the middle of the jungle, and other archeological sites. (aprox to visit it 2-4 days) then continue by bus up to Moyobamba - arriving finally to Tarapoto.

If you have time and will to spend many hours by road, but with very nice views and tourist sites to visit. This is the option.

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