I am looking for the contact details (e-mail address, website, phone number, anything!) of Hunter’s Lodge in Kiboko. Also, does...

...anyone have any comments on this place? Who has been there recently? How would you describe their services and the quality of it all? What are their prices for half board accommodation?


Country: Kenya


hi,this is the contact 0722926685 or mada holdings will get all the information you need.
Hunters Lodge used to be THE place to stop along the way to Mombasa. But that was 10-15 years ago. Its somewhat run-down at the moment, and there are other much better places to stop, Security and cleanliness are not very high at Hunters.

The Sikh temple at Makindu. Umani Springs, just past Kibwezi. Voi Wildlilfe lodge in Tsavo East, entering from Voi gate. Tsavo Park hotel in Voi town is very good.
Ndara ranch, just past Voi on the right hand side.
Ngulia Safari Lodge in Tsavo West, entering from Mtito Andei.

All these places are better than Hunters. For low prices and clean rooms, go for Tsavo Park Hotel in Voi. Its got decent food and a well-stocked bar.
kindly contact mada hotels on they will give you the details.

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