Hello! I'm going to Egypt right after New Year Eve but I heard there is so windy in January in Egypt. What resort could you suggest...

...for visiting in the beginning of January? (I mean really strong wind that can spoil all the vacation)


Country: Egypt


a little stronger wind in egypt is end of March and April and September /October. This wind are called "khameseen" and they come from the western desert. It is rather warm winds with dust.January is usualy very nice and moderate weather, specialy Sharm El Sheikh.
hi it is cold but not very bad withere like u know , and the winds are not strong , i suggest u can go to el 3ien el sokhna or hurguada or aswn i think they are the best places u can go to them in winter
Hi Daria ,
well about the weather condition in Jan , it can be windy sometimes in Cairo ,northern coast ..but it would be fine in the red sea area .. u can check the forecast 2 days before you come here ..
wish a great vacation .
if u have any more questions ,please don't hesitate to ask
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Best of luck
during the time of your visit it will not be windy, it will be cold and may be rainy as this is our winter but will not spoil your vacation. the best weather will be in Sharm where you get sun during this winter and will enjoy that
Hey,no its never that cold in Egypt,Enjoy your vacation
i'm doing tours from 12 years...there is nothing of what you heared about the storm,,,,,even when we have a storm,,,it last just for a few hours.......don't worry,come and enjoy your tour.
i'm here if you need any help.
its not very strong wind in jan its regular wind cuz it will be winter but its kay it never snow or have strong winds and the most hot place in egypt in winter jan is aswan and luxer if u needed any thin dont hisitate to contact me

Hi there,
You are coming from Russia, the weather in my sunny shinny EGYPT. is so nice, the temperature ranging from 10 C at night ( ABOVE ZERO ) to about 20 d day time in Cairo. if you go south to Luxor and Aswan it will be much better up to 24-26 C. OR YOU CAN ENJOY CHARM EL SHIEKH ( SOUTH SINAI) HURGHADA


Aladdin AbouTaleb
I mean the wind that doesn't allow to enjoy the sea and "moves" the sand....
Hi , Cairo city is very interesting to see and visit the musuem.
Also the cities of Luxor and Aswan are good weather in January but you will have to fly to take the train.
i would suggest to visit Cairo and go with the bus to Sharm el Sheikh or Hurghada
Hello, i hope that u will enjoy ur stay in Egypt, actually i need u to know that there is no storm weather here in Egypt and that if this happens it happens for one or two days in the year maximum.


I'm not sure who gave you this information but in my time in Egypt its is only occasionally windy in Cairo at this time of year - the khamseen arrives in March April but even then only for a day or two at a time. You will probably get sea breezes on the Coast but you should be fine. I have not heard of wind spoiling an Egyptian holiday.... The north coast is colder and wetter in winter, the Red Sea Coast is delightful. Cairo can be cooler but hardly ever wet.

Truly you will have an amazing time wherever you are, there's so much to see and do.... I hope you have a great holiday

Lyndall El Masry
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Excuse me my stupidity but what do you mean under "the north coast"? and how is it in Taba in Jan?
Hi - sorry I only just saw your comment. And I'm sorry I didn't explain that properly at all :-) By the north coast I mean Alexandria and across the north or Mediterranean coast of Egypt. The average temperature in Taba in January is around 21 degrees Celsius, with the sea temperature about the same. Of course, it is the middle of winter and there may be some cooler days than that... Sharm el Sheik would be a little warmer than that, a couple of degrees. You'll find the days very pleasant but it will cool off quickly in the late afternoon.
if u like to enjoy in ur trip to cario u should go to sharm el shekhe resort it is wonderful coz it is have nice cost in namaa bay and u should go for diving in raas mohammed and go for dancing in the night club el pacha ministry of sound and if u need a guide i will start my new job in sharm el shekhe as snorkling guide and i hope to meet u
hi....don't warry at's not that stormy as you fact the best to visit luxor and aswan is in Jan..but since you 'd like to have a vacation in a resort it should be in so nice in jan..i went there 2 years ago and it was great
have a nice vacation
Thanks everyone for your help! So kind of you!
No, Egypt's weather in January is windy in certain places like Alexandria, but not like a hurricane .. you can still have fun around with it. If you are going to Cairo or Sharm ElSheik, Hurghada .. do not worry about the weather at all.. its time to relax in Egypt have fun there Daria
they are all right, we do not have that bad wind that would spoil your vacation.
Hi,How r u?,I hope that u will enjoy in Egypt.
I suggest that Luxor & Aswan the weather in January in Luxor & Aswan may be 9-24c.
And i suggest Alexandria coz the weather ie very good.
And i wish u a very best time in Egypt.
Egypt doesnt has strong wends at all it will be winter time it gets cold only and warm at noon untill 4,5 oclock
Hi There

Egypt will be windy stay in the lower part either Luxor and Aswan or for resorts go sharm el shikh it will be warm during the day but a bit cold at night if you need more info please let me know

actually the weather here in egypt is always sunny and dry even in the winter. you can enjoy the hot and sunny weather in sharm el -shiekh-hurghada-marsa alam or even cairo they are all awesome and actually most of russians prefer sharm el shiekh and hurghada in winter its the season during that time.hope to see you soon here
I suggest Sharm El Sheikh and South Sainai at this time of the year
i can be in ur help ...just contact me when u r here...will do my best to feel pleasure

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The best seasons to travel in Egypt are both winter and spring. The temperature at this moment on the Egyptian territory is perfect for all kinds of adventures: travel in the desert, living in the sea or cruise on the Nile.
Mid-November until the end of February is the winter time when daytime temperatures are about 12 or 15 degrees C, and at night can drop to about 7 or 8 C.
Diving enthusiasts will be pleased to know that Egypt is pleasant throughout the year. One can easily reach the region of the Red Sea Hurgada, where it is always warm and beautiful. From January to March, it contains a bit of wind which makes the perfect weather for kite-surfing. Those wishing to travel to Sharm El Sheikh will make them ideally between October and March, as summer temperatures are much warmer.
SO January is perfect for everything DON'T worry about the wind...

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