How to spend New Year Eve in Amman?


Country: Jordan


there are a few parties happening in Amman... if you're into that... they're fun usually...

Other than that just chilling out with friends or around town...
Amman is not the best place to celebrate new year since in Jordan we don't celebrate western new year, but if you have friends you can always celebrate anywhere you are. Western groups celebrate new year in camps in desert and not in Amman. Perhaps you can contact some local agency at home and ask them if they have programs/tours to Jordan for New Year, and probably join them. Amman is cold in winter, it is windy as well..until March it is like that, only warm place is Aqaba.
i'm sorry that is not true. it may not be the best place to celebrate but people do celebrate on December 31st and in amman in the clubs and hotels.
hi mariya,
it's really depend on what you prefer if u like five stars hotel party then amman is the best arbian capital 2spend ur night because all top singers will be there.
and there are other perties in nice pups and night clubs
if it returns to me i prefered the second option or you can just spend it any where wth ur friends and alot of vodka.... and also be my date
there is many options . like some good nite clubs and somf of the big hotels which normaly have a star studed party going on . amman west have a good nite clubs and cafes and bar restaurant . they again have a good parties on new years eve .
1st of all i agree with Ramzi because people in Jordan do celebrate on December 31st and in Amman & All around Jordan in the clubs and hotels
But there is alot of plans to have the unique New Year Ever In Jordan
and i nominate Wadi Rum & Petra ... & If You Ever Needed Any Help When You Are In Jordan I Will Be Here
what you say is nice year , any please you chosen you will see happy for new year with a lot of people they make happy and lot of wishes ,, waw i don't forget any new year inside jordan
hammered in a party ?
There will be alot of events in the new year eve in jordan, weather you like Arabian style night or disco night or anything else good to your taste.
jordan in general is not a very cold country so the weather should be cool to go.
about aqaba, the weather is always warm there so it will have wonderful weather in witer.
It's my pleasure to answer any questions might come in your mind,
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well it depends on your mood you can go out and party whether its a small party or big fancy one or u can stay at home and whatever u wanna do but at most i think jabbal Amman will be the best place for you to spend sometime.
Previt Marya,
Kakdila ? I luv your pic , you look like Cleopatra
I hope you are keeping well
Spending new year in Jordan Zaika is good idea . Amman is lovely city and I assure you that you will have an excellent experience here.
Apart of few hotel parties here and there , there is not much options to do.
Hangging around with friends will be more fun. BUT WITH ME WILL BE THE BEST THING EVER YOU CAN DO in your whole life. lol
Wish you nice , safe , healthy , super duper trip to Jordan.
All the best
Once you get in Jordan
Hay guys .
I am windering why do you make it so compleckated.
Jordan is one of the best place where you will have most fun.
i do have orgnize a desert DJ party for the new year i have a group of 50 pirson from all over .so if you wild be intrasted to doit in wadi rum desert plz contact me to my phone ore email.

00962 777 94 63 94.
as always
Mariya Thx for ur question , spend it in my shop,becouse we have great sales.
hi mariya

there's party on boat in the sea in aqaba and is it the best place to make new year. and if u like u can be my date juest for the new year
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Welcome to Jordan
Hey Mariya
How are you doing?
The Best new year eve in amman Would be "Going to all places"
From modern to ancient
From Rainbow street In Jabal Amman
To Hashim Resturant Downtown
From Western Amman To the East
It would be great,,
And you Are from Ukraine,,well ,, I stayed One month In Donetsk,
you really have great Country..

anyway,,,Welcome to Jordan Anytime
Emad Zeexol , At your service


u can spend it i petra , aqaba.
the best is to spend it in a Bedouin camp in wadi rum
email me if u r interested

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