please advise me about getting a privete room for me and my wife for 3 days thanks


Country: Italy


It will be apleasur eto help you, but where woudl you like to stay?
May be you are interested in visiting the old Greek Temple of Paestum already called Poseidonia and the National Park of Cilento.
If so you could stay at my place, the Casale Torone , independent apartament with 2 bed rooms, 2 baths, furnitured kitchen and living room.
From the house you can visit the area of the Park and also the coast of Amalfi, 60 km.
Price for Bed and Breakfast is 35 euros a day, for the rent of the house it is 60 a day for two people.
You can get more information in
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Roberto Pisani
It dipends on the period!
take a look at my site and if you are still interested contact me again!
Hi there, where do you need a room? and when? we will be more than glad in helping you finding a solution.
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Hi there. where abouts are you looking at staying? City? Area etc etc. Thanks.
Venice: have a look here florence look for calzaiuoli hotel downtown good price value ratio volterra go to agriturismo il mulinaccio volterra
We are just outisde Venice , tell me the date sna d I can give you a quote, regards
Should you have added "When" and Where" probably our answers could have been more precise. However u may find nice rooms with private bath on a site like this.

whish you a nice vacation. Mauro

I would like to help you but more information such as WHERE and WHEN will be needed in order to suggest a nice private room for you and your wife.
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