Is it safe to walk alone from the Mosser Hotel to the Mission area during the day?


City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States


Yes! It is definitely safe, but I would stick to main streets just to be extra sure. There are plenty of people out and about on Market St., and it's a very easy walk down market, left on Valencia, and you'll be in the heart of The Mission. BUT I would avoid Market between the hotel and Valencia after dark - especially if you are a woman walking alone. But again, during the day when there are tons of tourists and business people around, it is completely safe.

If you are particularly sensitive to homeless people or will be walking at nigh, you could always take BART from Powell station to either 16th St. or 24th (depending on where in The Mission you want to go). It only takes a few minutes. Enjoy SF!
I second Anne. I've worked downtown in that area for the last ten years, and I definitely feel safe, especially during the day. And I definitely agree with Anne on this: enjoy SF! :)
Between the Mosser and Valencia Street is safe and vibrant. Lots of shops to stop into, restaurants to enjoy, and things to see. As with any big city if you are going to be out at night alone, you should be safe - use BART, MUNI underground or take a cab. It is a small city (about 7 miles square) and a cab across town is not that much.
Totally agree with all the answers posted. Daytime, I don't worry at all. At night, I keep an eye out, don't use my phone and keep my purse over my shoulder. Have a great time!!

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