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Dear Traveller,
How to identify a reputable Tour Company, or Ground Operator Online

After reading a couple of articles on the internet on how tourists coming to Kenya have sometimes dealt with unscrupulous agents i decided to embark on a mission to help would be holiday makers to Kenya identify reputable firms to book with. ( please note Royal Tours is an online marketing Agent and only recommends reputable Ground Operators).

1. Tour Operators would be registered by KATO (Kenya Association of Tour Operators) for Kenya or such a body i there country of operation and would spot the their logo.

2. Many would also be registered by ASTA.(The American Society of Travel Agents) and would spot the logo on their website

3. For your own safety, NEVER buy a safari package on the streets, no matter how appealing or attractive it may seem. We recommend that you insist on a written itinerary for all your safaris prior to departure.

4. Cheap is not always the best. Many agents offering cheap safaris will not include a number of cost in the package and you will only realise when your are already in the country. Also some of the hotels used are in very poor condition.

5. The look of the site: Companies that are not in the business for the long term would not re-invest a lot of money in building a brand. Hence the state of their sites will tell a lot. Many are poorly done very untidy.

You can visit and send an enquiry. They are well know for giving reasonable quotes and are reputable.
It really depends on where you are going. If you are looking to visit the Masai Mara for 2 nights, WhyKenya Adventures can offer you a fully inclusive, highly competitive price. Email for more information.
Dear Adventure lover,
Kenya is endowed with rich culture impressive safaris.
The world is changing with some companies coming up with very innovative ways of handling the guests.
Registration by Kato shows that a company has been in operation for over an year.
Go to an established company but still checking on the cost. Check the vision and operations of the company and mostly check on referrals.

Kind regards,
Sarah Njoki Nyaga
Tour Events Organizer
Bonfire Adventures
Head office: Arrow House, 3rd floor, Suite 7- Koinange street next to Victoria furniture’s
Branch office: Ridgeways
Tel. 020-2067788, 0733527398, 0729836336, 0715-281211
Visit the Website: and see what we offer whether it will match your expectation.
Tried and Tested

Are you drawn to Africa? If you yearn for landscapes of great grasslands; jungles that are the last refuge of endangered gorillas and chimpanzees; warm oceans washing up on beaches that have seen the ebb and flow of the continent's fortunes over the centuries; or the beat of Africa's cities and people today, we can take you to her top destinations.

Continent of Contrast

These top destinations in Africa will reveal this continent of contrasts to you. Each has its allure, its culture and history, its people and wildlife that can be found nowhere else. From the islands of the Seychelles, to the great plains of the Serengeti, the rhythms of life in the Okavango Delta and the pulse and vibe of the world's most beautiful city at the foot of Africa, we bring it all to you.

Tried and Tested

Careful consideration has gone into the selection of these top African destinations. We pride ourselves on helping our travellers discover an authentic, unique and truly memorable African experience. We ensure that wherever it is you're dreaming of going, you will return from Africa with its sights and smells imprinted on your memory; the sound of a lion's roar in the deep of the night still ringing in your ears.

These African destinations are our top choices because they are time and travel tested places that our African safari experts and our travellers have been to – and consistently rated as Africa's highlights.

Into the Future

That said, our African safari experts are also at the forefront of exciting new developments in Africa when it comes to new lodges and areas opening up to travelers. This is where their firsthand, specialist knowledge allows us to present you with new choices that meet our stringent criteria and earn their place on our list of Africa's top destinations.

Individual and discounted group rates also available on request.

Yours Sincerely,

STEVEN Nature Man
well i can tell you there are alot of unscrupulous tour companies on the web.but dont worry i can recommend you check out voyage afrique.its a company that i do tours for and they are very good.check them out at will give you everything you looking for.
I 100% agree with Regina Kirimi, all those factors have to be considered before buying or deciding to take a safari with any tour/travel company. You can also request to have past clients' contact address and contact them direct regarding their safari experience with the company. Other sources of information are:
Travel Guide
Trip adviser
They have comments (positive/negative) on the safari campanies they have used in the past
There are many reputable companies,visit the kato website and choose one.
There are many good companies here in East Africa.
Using the Kato website is a good idea. It means you won't be duped into choosing a safari with a non-registered company that might abscond with your money.

Choosing a company that deals with the entire East African region is a plus as well. That way, you're not limited to just a few parks that a small company is familiar with.

It really depends on what type of safari you're looking for. Certain companies specialize in budget travel for overland types or backpackers. Others specialize in luxury travel with charter flights to the most exclusive camps and lodges. You really need to research the options so you can make the best informed decision.

African Encounter, based in Limuru, just outside Nairobi can cater to a variety of needs. If you want to travel on an overland truck, in a landcruiser or on a plane, they can arrange it for you. If you want to stay in a dome tent, a large hotel, or a luxury safari camp, they can arrange it.
They've been around for many many years, operating in Southern Africa, and have been working in East Africa for the last 3, so they know the safari industry well.

Visit or email Adrian at

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