Hi this is probably quite an unusual question but does anyone know anybody who is fluent in the Amazonas language Awajun as well as...

...Spanish and/or English, and who would be willing to volunteer a couple of hours for an interesting NGO project in Lima? Are there any translation colleges or schools that I could contact? Thanks for your help everyone!


Country: Peru


If l'm not wrong the Aguaruanas are the ones who speak this languages, and maybe you can contact a translation agency, or better you can go to the University Ricardo Palma where there was a course of linguistics applied on indigenous communitites. Here i give you the link : to see some information at the bottom of the page

And replying the other part of your question, l'm a student of translation at Unifé university and you can contact translation agencies ,there are a lot on the yellow pages , here i'll give you the link also:
I hope it can help !
Hey! I know some people that work in development programs in the Nacional Society of Enviromental Law. Maybe they could help you.

I would recommend you to check with people at two Universities: Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos () and Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru ()
I think this are the main Universities studying Amazon cultures and languages. You can find some info when using their own pages search options.
Good luck!
Hi, I can't help with this question, but my boyfriend, who is photographer is offering to collaborate with you and the NGO if you need.
You can contact him here: and see his works here:
I Matt. I don't know anyone myself but here is the reference of The Instituto del Bien Comun, and NGO that works in the region Av. Petit Thouars 4377 - Miraflores Lima 18 - (511) 440-0006. The colleagues who work there will ceertainly know someone who can help. Good luck.
Hey Matt:
Youc ould try this reference: good luck¡


* RUC: 20164746144
* Tipo Empresa: Asociacion
* Condición: Activo
* Actividad Comercial: Investigacion de Ciencias Sociales.
* CIIU: 73209

* Dirección Legal: Cal. Sinchi Roca Nro. 2630
* Distrito / Ciudad: Lince
* Departamento: Lima
* Telefonos: 7197294 / 7197295 / 2210734


* Apoderado: Nystrom Paul Wendell
* Director General: Scott David Eugene
* Apoderado Especial: Benson Bruce Duane
* Apoderado: Keagy Barry William
get in contac with POSADA AMAZONAS lodge, they work with infierno comunity, and they might help u..
i'm living close to awajun (tarapoto) and i know this comunity! the people there speaks spanish very good and awajun lenguaje, if you speak spanish u have no problem with that cuz you can learn the lenguage there, in situ ,or u can contact to native people for ur project,the people's very kind!
Hi Matt,
I know a guy from the awajun wampis ethnic group and he speaks good Spanish. I had visited some years ago an Awajun community in Amazonas, and this guy is from this region though he has studied in Lima. His e mail address is , and his name is Ronal Chavez. Let me know if you have any other questions. I hope I could help. Peace and Light
hello friend , good afternoon . well my name is julio cesar . iam a tour guide here in lima . well i wish could know that amazon i recomend to search those pages they could help one id from universidad ricardo palma language :// very fluently in English p )universidad catolica del peru. well if you need information ofr help translation in lima let me know send asn email to

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