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Well, I can rent you my house, A/C, garage, 2 bedrooms, livingroom, kitchen, laundryroom, cable, Liberia downtown, 20 minutes from the airport. you can also try craigslist. My email is
Visit our site Ray. . Full service office. We have some great long term rentals in the best coastal town in the country. You can also email me personally for help: .


Hope this helps, We have to 2 options to offer 1rst: full equipped Apartments with share swimming pool and free wi-fi this starting at $150 per week no meals... then
2nd: Home stay program stay with a local family in our town and have 3 meals a day and laundry service plus private room, fan,desk, etc.... for just $150 each week we are just 15 min away from the airport and we will provide airport transportation plus we could arrange a special rate for your particular case depending on the amount of weeks.
Web page.... , refer to Alejandro
Check lots of options in different options in Costa Rica.

In Bahia Salinas(near La Cruz) we have beach front villas or hilltop cabinas for rent...
WHERE are you desiring to live? It's a small but large country & VERY DIVERSE on ALL levels (especially weather)!!!

Because I don't like wasting people's time/leading them on & not many people are going to hold a place for a few weeks++, I wouldn't bother anyone till MAX a week before I'm going.

I'd make reservations at a B&B or Guesthouse (where I actually have someone to assist me so be careful in finding one that's service-oriented enough) for 3-5 nights.

I'd start with Craig's List as Adrian suggested - as well as I'd go on:
- the largest CR Message Board (over 4,000 members)

I'd of course look around BUT, I'd also post what I was looking for & I'd be as SPECIFIC as I could be (budget, amenities, neighborhood, transportation, phone, internet access [if they don't have them & they're important to you - do NOT NOT NOT believe them if they say they can get it. If they "can get it" - why do they not ALREADY have it? These items are VERY VERY CHALLENGING to get OFTEN if they don't already have it!! TRUST ME on this!!!])+++.

To give me more ease/not waste time - I'd RENT A CELL PHONE as if you're not easy to reach - or need to reach someone immediately - say you're driving by & see a For Rent Sign - you just make it more difficult/impossible/loose things.

I'd then hire an English-Speaking taxi driver or tourism driver (I ONLY use the LEGAL Red taxi's for various reasons from insurance to safety to say nothing of the price which sometimes can be less but MY experience is they're OFTEN more for us gringos!) that KNOWS the area (hence may know some unadvertised places [only a SMALL % are advertised/have signs & they tend to be more expensive gringo oriented places]) I'm interested in to drive around for a few hours. Stopping at Bulletin Boards in the area (I have a list of them if you're interested in the Escazu area).

If your looking for things - I've started a "blog" of info (where to find things+++) which is being revamped but it's started at:  

I only know the Escazu area so if you're interested in that, let me know how I can help!!
I do live in Tibas 10 min from San Jose, if you need a room to rent well we are here, let me know
We have 2 cabinas and one larger house available for long and shot term rent.
You may check out our website

It is located 2 blocks from the beautiful tamarindo beach, supermarkets and restaurants. Simple basic accomadations with private patio and kitchens. please email us if you have any questions. We are green and repect the environment as much as possible.
What are you looking for and where do you need it?
I am located in Playas del Coco 20 minutes from the Liberia airport. I have access to rentals in all ranges. What are your dates and requirements?
Hello, my name is Zoe and i work for we have over 1000 condos close to coco beach. at very good compatable prices.
please email me and i am sure we can find you what you are looking for .
Sinserley Zoe.
The first step is really to figure out what area of the country you want to be in... There are multiple climates & different setups in CR. We're on the Pacific Northwest Coast in Nosara & happy to help you. Visit to get an overview. However, you might enjoy the perpetual spring time weather of the central valley as opposed to the year long summers at the beach... Just up to you where you want to be!
I am renting my 'quinta' or villa (1.12 acres) in Birrisito de Paraíso, Cartago province, approx. 26 miles East of San José on the old road to Turrialba. Has 1 main house with a 1 bdroom, 2 bath, small guest house/room with private bath & phone, electric, water, satellite TV HOOKUP, INTERNET ADSL, 1/2 basketball court, organic fruit trees, green areas, BBQ rancho, parking for 15 cars, incredible views of Lake Cachí and Irazú-Turrialba Volcanoes. Cost=$1200/Mo. unfurnished or $1600/Mo Fully furnished. check oug photos of property at: . Click on photo album: 'Quinta la Comarca'.

Or you can also check out hese web sites for long term rentals:
- -

Buena suerte ammigo!
Hi Ray,
I have may long term rentals in a gated secure community on the Pacific ocean side of the southern Nicoya peninsula, as well as private homes in surrounding area. Please email me your requirements to and I can send you more detailed information as to accommodations, amenities and price.
Warm regards,
Ok, specifically what are you looking for? Beach/mountain house?
I am located in the Osa Peninsula, the southwest coast. Here you can find infinity of options, let me know more of your need!

I would really like to help you get exactly what you need, but I would need you to give a bit more info of what you're looking for, meaning, if you´re interested on the beach, mountain or the city, if you want a house, a condo or an apartment and your price range.
I'll be waiting for your answer

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