me and my boyfriend are heading over to koh samui before and after new year, just a quick question.... we are thinking of going over... koh phagan for the full moon new years eve party and was wondering instead of getting accomadation can we get a boat back to koh samui in the early hours of the morning?? if so can we book it the day we arrive or new years eve??? thank


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Yes, off cause but for accomation in Koh Pha Ngan , You can't stay 1 night because every where have minimum to stay 5 night ,and for Boat back to Samui in the early hours of the morning, have you to check again before Full moon new year eve party.because sometime thay have boat running in full moon and new year but i am not sure for eve new year.
normally all accomodation are full booked at fullmoon especially on new year , as the fiart answer if you wanna book you must book over 5 night (include fullmoon night) on the internet but there have a taxi boat on the beach where you can always get to Samui =]
I would suggest taking a sleeping bag with you but usually the party goes on all night I am sure that you can make friends & end up staying in accomodation for free. I was in Koh Samui my first time was 25years ago & I stayed on Koh Pha Ngan it is really worthwhile getting there hope you will give me a good response.
There was only about 5 of us Ferlang living in that area at that time I lived in Thailand that first time one year then moved on to Malaysia Singapore & Australia
Love from keith
As already answered this question with same advice to read recommendations.
There are speedboats going between Samui and Hadrin (the fullmoon beach) leaving every 10 minute each way, the cost is 300 THB one way, but you can buy a round trip for 400-500 depending on which company
Money talks in Thailand, you can probably get one at any time you want. But As one answer suggests take a sleeping bag. Enjoy the night and go back in the morning. But the Taxi boats should be willing to take you at any time, I had friends return from there at 3 in the morning 2 full moons ago, funny to use that as a good way to describe how long ago it was.
I would suggest, you book a room in either Samui or Phangan. It's peak season and you don't want to walk from hotel to hotel to hear they fully booked or overcharge you. The evening itself you can stay on the beach and take the first boat back to Samui.

have fun,

ok. if you want, you can get a speed boat any time also during the night.

here the link to the time table of the haad rin queen, which is the boat from haad rin to samui.

Hello, yes you can get the Boat back & all you do is make a price with the Driver & a time.. Need more info, photo's ?
Speak to the boat captain who takes you over and ask him what his timetable is, maybe get a rate from him for his boat?
The party is an all nighter, but please don't use drugs, there are too many unhappy full moon party people in prison.
Have fun and dance the night away. You could try to give you some idea of accomodation and reveiws there.

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