Would I be able to use my credit card at the ATM machines in Jamaica?


Country: Jamaica


I know they work very well at the ScotiaBank ATM which are pretty well everywhere
yes you will be to use ur credit car but i think u will be limited to scotia machines only....
It will work with some ATM Machines depending on network the card is connected to. Also mastercard and visa credit cards are accepted widely in Jamaica.
yes you can use your credit cards here
Yes you can - look for rthe cirrus sign or your credit card logo on the ATM
Yes you can Scotia BANK ATM machines are just about everywhere across the country
Yes, you will be able to use you credit card in JA once it is an international credit card such as visa, mastercard, american express or other international cards. Its best to contact your bank before you leave and informed them that you will be travelling and tell them where.
Yes Yvonne - you can use your cr. card at ATMs in Ja.
I can only answer in regards to Scotia, with whom I do business.
You may use a US credit card at any ATM where you see the "discovercard logo."
You may use your local credit cards at ATMs, once you have been 'pinned'.
NB: Not all scotiabank ATMs are dual currency and apply. So far the following in Montego Bay and Kingston as it relates to Scotiabank are:
New Kingston, Liguanea, Constant Spring Road
Sunset Beach Resort, Ironshore Half Moon village, Doctor's Cave in Kingston Cave, Ritz Carlton, Holiday Inn branches in Montego Bay

You may log on to for more details.

Call me or make contact through my website if you need further assistance. Have fun either way!
I think you gave the best detailed answer. keep it up
If you are staying in Kingston or Montego Bay, there are machine that you can use. I will however suggest you make arrangement with your bank while at home, to prevent them from barring it's use outside of your country.
Yes the system is multilinked with the major international card holders
yes you most cetainly can, but not all ATMs the ones you can use have a sign telling you which cards you can use.
yes u can use your credit card in jamaica if its a visa or master card as most ATM accept these cards.
It will work with some ATM Machines depending on network the card is connected to. Also master card and visa credit cards are accepted widely in Jamaica. So you dont have to worry about it.
There are some banks ATM machines that will take your credit cards if it is Visa Mastercard, Discover, or Cirrus.
Yes you can if your card has the cirus logo on it.
You will be able to use it at selected ones
not every atm
yes u should have no problem with ATM card but Know the weekend r busy and some machines run out of money. No American Express
Most U.S. credit cards will work.
Some will dispense U.S.$ and others will dispense JA$ at the current exchange rate.
There are ATM machines in the capital towns and the two cities
As mentioned you can find ATM at many locations near any major resort town like Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril and Kingston. Other parts of Jamaica they can be fewer units and sometimes they run out of cash. I always recommend you bring enough cash to get you through two days when you arrive so you can have time to find the best available one near you.
Yes you will be, we are connect to the network of some of the worlds biggest banking networks.
yes all major credit cards are accepted.
Yes. Some ATMs carry dual currency, a choice of local and US $
yes at most atm's... u should let ur card company know ur goin to jamaica, for some reason 2 out the 6 times ive been ive had my card stopped as a security measure... they say its got nothing to do with the location just tighter fraud control??? let them know when ur goin and for how long and ur card should be accepted most places... u can also pay with mastercard visa etc.. in most shops and restaruants
The vast majority of ATMs will allow you to use your credit card. You need to ensure you have activated card to be used with a pin. Additionally some ATM machines operated by Scotia Bank will offer you the option of receiving US$ currency instead of the local denominations.
Remember just look for the Visa/Mastercard logos.
yes it will work not a worry, and also there are some hotels that have ATM.
NB.places like on the hip strip,rose hall resorts,Ritz Carlton,Holiday Inn an Half Moon
Village thank you for asking .
Yea man, there are hundreds of ATMs available in the country all at convenient locations, JNBS, NCB and Scotia are the top providers of ATM service; so you will definitely find some you can use. What i recommend tho is that you withdraw do not withdraw too often as you will have to pay taxes and fees at both your bank and the local bank here. Find out from your bank what the charge is, usually it is around $2.50 US, but this may vary. Also there are POS terminals at most service locations locally but I dont recommend using your credit card for small purchases as the transaction cost may be too high or the exchange rate may not work in your favour.

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