hello, me and my boyfriend are heading over to koh samui over new year just a quick question with the full moon/new years eve party in...

...koh phagan do you really need accomadation? or can you get a boat back to koh samui in the early hours of the morning???


Country: Thailand


Yes, but book first with the people who transport you over the first time.DO NOT USE ILLEGAL SUBSTANSES. THERE IS A LOT OF PLAIN CLOTHED POLICEMEN THERE CHECKING FOR DRUG USERS, AND IT IS SEVERE PENALTIES FOR DRUG USE IN THAILAND. You do NOT want to end up in a Thai prison. Better to dance and drink...and have fun.
You can take a boat back in the morning hours. But i would prefer to have a room so you can shower or sleep a litle before you go back.

Have a great time and be careful with the buckets !
I like this question, since you answer it yourself. If you 2 stand all night through,
of course. Pls read the previous recommendations. Have fun & Happy New Year.
If you're happy and comfortable on the beach, you don't need a room.
Indeed be careful and do not use drugs!

have fun,

Hi you can dance the night away, but a room is good to freshen up before returning.
The boats will operate the next day. Take the adsice given here, NEVER DO ANY DRUGS in Thailand. It is a death sentance OK ?
Drink also in moderation please. Just have fun.

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