at what age do you have to pay school fees in jamaica?

Do children between the ages of 4 to 10 years old have to pay to get an education in jamaica. If so how much are the fees if they do either per year or term on average.


Country: Jamaica


Well, for public education, it's either free or subsidised by the Government. But I went to a private school and my parents paid by the term, and i hear it now costs around JM$50,000 a term, and the ratio of US$ to JM$ is 89:1, so you can do the math. Note that all elementary schools are either callled primary or preparatory if they're public or private respectively (it's just a name) and the age group is from about 3-12yrs. For more information check . Hope this could help!
mandatory to attend school- cost varies depending on the school- 3k-50k (US$35-575) per term- the lower being the lower class income earners
I think Trudy-Paule's answer is quite comprehensive some schools start as low as JA$25,000. The better schools between JA$50 and 60,000 and the most expensive $120,000 or the American School which would be probably the most expensive in excess of US$2,000.
Thank you Alan/Mr. Beckford! I tried my best :)
well, nw u dont pay in public skools but u pay in private skools!
Thank for asking about my country. The age group 4-10 years old would get free education if they attend a primary school (government operated school). If they attend a preparatory school fees between $5000.00JAD to $25,000.00JAD. The fees charged depends on the offerings - books,lunch,piano lessons are some offerings that might be included in the cost.
Public school is free.Private schools vary in price and kindergarden starts at 3 years old
Public schools are free - private schools fee can go up to JA$50,000 per term (3 months)
NO they do not have to pay as primary education is free in Jamaica
From go the age off 3yr. 26yr moving up to primary school u don`t really pay school fee unless it is a private school.And it is alot off money
yes we pay school fees , children starting school at age 3 are required even at that age . for private school we pay more up to about $50000 per term an so i will say government schools are a little better in Jamaica lest money to pay

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