Has anyone been to Carinthia?

Hello I was wondering if anyone has been to the Austrian state of carinthia and could give me some insight what its like?What are the people like, are there any sights to visit?Any great food etc.?


Country: Austria


I have been to Carinthia several times. In general the people are nice and friendly. Carinthia is warmer than the rest of Austria, there are several large lakes which are a good place for a summer holiday.
There are several "Spas" in Carinthia with hot springs and nice resort areas.
Some of my favourite places are:
Castle Hochosterwitz
Keutschacher See - it is very warm in summer
Magdalensberg - interestings ruins to visit
National Park "Nockberge"
Castle Landskron
Zoo at Castle Rosegg
Food is very "hearty" - the most well-known dish is "Kasnockn" which is small dumplings with cheese baked in the oven.

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