we been tokyo 4 times and will be making another trip this april. how do we hook up a local to do what the locals do


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


Try Shinjuku possibly plenty of places to 'hook up' a local for a price.
It all depends on your price range and what exactly you want to experience.
There are the cheap standing bars/restaurants on the east side of Tokyo (Ueno down to Yurakuchou) or you have some nicer restaurants in the Kagurazaka/Iidabashi/Ichigaya area that are very popular with the locals. You can also go and visit some of the sumo stables near Ryogoku and Asakusa.

It also depends on how long you will be here. During the day, there are some great places to go shopping near Ueno station that many of the locals in that area shop at. You can also visit Shimo Kitazawa for some trendier options.
You can also go south to Chigasaki and Fujisawa for the beach and outdoor activities. Depending on when in April you arrive, you can spend some time seeing the cherry blossoms around Tokyo/Yokohama as well.
If you let me know more about when you will arrive and what types of things you want to experience, I can give you some more specific ideas.
Pick up a copy of Metropolis magazine (it's free) or check out their website at It has listings of what's happening all over town.
I take it you want some local to give you local insider info as opposed to the standard fare.
You can contact me via my website at I have lived here for sixteen years and have a large network of local contacts. Tourism and hospitality is my company business. We also do networking events in Tokyo and they are a great way to meet the global minded Japanese and the ex-pat population here. If you want to visit other parts of Japan we are part of a one of a kind English speaking nationwide network.
Right now, Kushikatsu restaurants are gaining momentum in Tokyo. Sake is also making a comeback after the long Shochu boom. Since the economy is still down the drain, cheap eateries and watering holes are popping up. Standing bars and now frequented by younger men and women, formally associated with blue collar and older gentlemen. In terms of cultural trends, Japan is having a love affair with Korean music and culture. April is still Cherry Blossom time and you can see droves of people going to Yasukuni Jinja for the concessions and the breathtaking Sakura around Chidorigafuchi. In certain areas where "Hanami" is allowed, many locals will be bringing mats, food, and booze to celebrate the Sakura blossoms that announce warmer weather and spring is on the horizon. If you want to do a hook up with complete strangers, the place to go is Yurakucho, and visit a casual pub under the train tracks. Business men often visit there after a hard days work starting from about 6:00PM and some will be quite friendly and offer you a drink in exchange for some conversation. A friendly smile on your part always helps. However, you should note that Japanese people outside of Tokyo tend to be usually more friendly than TOKYO people. Living 30 years in Japan, I thought that the folks in Yamanashi were very friendly since they don't see many people from outside Japan.

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