which one is more worth it during winter, glacier express or bernina express?

and help me a little on this please,does the swiss railway system(SBB) operate past midnight?ends and starts at what time? and another thing, i would be in interlaken before starting either one of the expresses...thank you so much for the help!!


Country: Switzerland


Glacier Express from Brig to St.-Moritz will be easier from your location, and has a longer and more technical track. The last section to St.-Moritz is the most interesting. Bernina Express is basically a local tourist train from St.-Moritz. There's a limited offer of public transport at night around the larger cities, but that's not going to help you much in St.-Moritz. You can find more information, including prices, surcharges and timetables on, and

alost the same information as Erwin...

Galcier express is longer and with more variety than the bernina express, actually you can take both, start with with the glacier express, and then take the Bernina (next day).

usualy trains run from 06h00 to 00h00 with some later connexion between major cities and in the week end.

bernina and glacier express only run during day time.

Interlaken is not on the B & G express routes. but if you stay around there you can find connexions to Brig or Chur.

in interlaken you schould take the jungfraujoch train (expensive but very worth it)

enjoy your stay


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