where is the best and most expensive restaurant in bkk please


Country: Thailand


I would advise

Le Banyan
Soi 8 Sukhumvit Road
Tel: 02 253 5556

It is a French restaurant doing marvelous "Canard au sang", with a long list of available wines.
I dont know if this is the best and the most expencive , but the vieuw is for sure : Bayioke Sky hotel
There are 2 most expensive restaurants in Bangkok which are Sirocco on the roof top of State Tower Building on Silom Road and the other is Vertigo on the roof top of Banyan Tree Hotel, Sathorn Road.
Either Sirocco at State Tower on Silom Road or Vertigo at Banyan Tree Hotel on Sathorn Road. There is also open skybar that you can view Bangkok at night.
You could try the Oriental Hotel for great food, or the Landmark Steak house.

But really the best food in Thailand is the local street vendors wow the food is great.
Well - beside ripoffs - how many would you like to try? Get yourself a free tourist
brochure at the airport / travel agent and make your experiences. Generally, all
restaurants in Deluxe 5* Hotels are very expensive.
On the top of the Banyan tree hotel is a resturaunt called Vertigo (if it hasn't changed) I haven't been there in a year or two but it is probably one of the most expensive and has fantastic views. Worth it imo.

Or the Dome, I can't remember which hotel it is on, but you will see it from where ever you are in the city, its the building with the Giant dome on top of it, again similar to vertigo and very expensive.
Well not the most expensive, but the 'Eat Me Art' restaurant near Soi Convent is very nice.
Dear John,

the most expensive restaurant in Bangkok is definitely the Dome in Le Bua Hotel, Silom Road. If it's the best, everybody should judge by themselves but it belongs to the culinairy top of Bangkok.

Enjoy :-)

The Vertigo Grill at Banyan Tree Hotel. This restaurant is very romantic and food is very good. The restaurant is on top roof of the hotel. If you will be here in Bkk by December it will be perfect weather, a little cool and no rain. So romantic!!!!
Two words to answer here, Sirocco, Bangkok. The view is awsome, service a little slow, but simply the best in Bangkok.

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