we will be traveling to CR in June, how much of the trip (lodging, adventure tours, etc.) do we need to book in advance?


Country: Costa Rica


I would book the lodging in advance. Most of the hotels and lodges in Costa Rica are small with a few exceptions. It will depend on where you are staying of course but anyway, it's always a good idea to have your room nailed down. In June it probably will not be a problem for adventure tours. July, could be a problem because of the Costa Ricans spring break and the U.S. holiday. You can call me next week at 877 853-0538 and I can check availability for your accommodations. Good luck, Bill
You definitely need to book everything in advance, July is when Costa Ricans have a 3 weeks vacation. The price will vary depending on the hotels and you choose. I will be more than happy to help you out find accommodations and help you book adventure tours. I have good negotiations with pretty much every hotel and activity supplier in the country. My cel in Costa Rica is 8880-0517. Regards, Emilio.

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