What is the average taxi fare in Jamaica?

I'm trying to figure out a budget for my upcoming trip..and taxi is one of the main what rates do they charge in USD? Hmmm..maybe if someone can tell me how much a taxi would cost to get from the KIN airport to the US Embassy...maybe I could calculate the rest myself.


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It all depends on where you will be going. There may be set charges around town. But if you are going long distances, there may be a flat rate then it goes up based on the mileage. I could give you a sample of what my charter charges are. Just email me at . So as to have an idea

I am from the Ocho Rios area. If this is the area you are going to be staying send me an email at or
The rates for taxi services can be negotiated. I am a licenced Jamaica Tourist Board driver with the JUTA association
Best u change ur dollars to jamaican when u r out here
It depends on where you want to go, most taxi driver charge by the milage it can be from US$-8 form the kingston air port to the Us embassy can cost between $50 Us and it depend if the taxi driver have to wait for you...
ok u want to take a taxi from the airport in kingston to the US Embassy.First ,yes use Jamaican money. are u checking into a hotel first? there r route taxis and private charter taxis so if u r doing from the airport u may want to ask someone at juta the r a taxi service and r inside the air port .. depending on how far it is from the airport i would not think it very much 500JA maybe..
Taxi rates are usually quoted based on destination, the amount of people in your party and duration of the taxi service.E-mail me at with your itinerary and I can work give you great rates. Rates will be quoted to you in US$ and although JA$ is our legal tender if you are staying on the North Coast - Ocho Rios, Montego Bay it isa so much easier to spend US$.
I think a reasonable charge wold be US$80.00 though it would also depend on number of persons traveling the luggage carrying. Longer distances would get a flat rate negotiated with the individual driver or company.
Aside from this being determined on where you will be travelling by taxi, you need to also be aware that in quite a number of areas there are two types of taxi services - private and public. Public taxi fares can start at $100 Jamaican dollars per stage, while private taxi fares can start at $300 Jamaican dollars per stage. A stage is approximately 0-4/5 miles. With private taxi drivers you can sometimes negotiate a comfortable price for both of you especially when travelling long distances. At best, during planning, do some research and try as much as possible to have an idea of the number of places you may want to travel by taxi to.
Hello HEllo Hello, to the point Kingston airport to USembassy will cost you US$40.00 or JA$ 3500.00. Feel free to ask any other question
the price for fare varies but my customers would normally pay $ 34-40 us for a ride any where in that reqion.
Please address the question with where you'll be visiting then personnel would be able to assist you better.
Please visit my website or e-mail , it would be our pleasure to assist you,
welcome to Jamaica when you get here.
Different rates for different places.
about 25-35US$-
The cost for a Taxi from Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston to the United States Embassy on Old Hope Road will vary according to the type of taxi used. The price can range from $50.00USD-$100USD.
There are two types of taxi in Jamaica.The private tourist taxi will cost 8-10 times what a route taxi would cost. It all depends on how informed you are and how comfortable you want to be.
It depends on where in JAMAICA you are going. If you are in Kingston, regular taxi service cost US$1.00, while private taxi services, ranges from US$3.00-5.00. if you are in Montego Bay or Negril taxi fare ranges from US$1.00-US$6.00. IT ALL DEPENDS ON WHERE YOU ARE GOING AND WHAT TYPE OF SERVICE YOU DECIDE TO TAKE.
The cost for a taxi from the airport to the US embassy ranges from US$40 - $50. If you are traveling alone in one of the JUTA taxis.
Should you use another taxi services which you can prebook or by calling on arrival the rate will be approximately US$20 -$25.
Once in Kingston you will have a choice of different taxi companies you may call to transport you around town. The rates there are not fixed and taxi cabs are unmetred.

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