Travelling to Thailand!!!! should i fly one way then but a ticket from thailand to canada????????

ok heres my situation. im trying to save as much money as possible. would i save money if i flew one way from canada to thailand? i was thinking of flying one way then buying a ticket there to come home?? will i save money?? any where online i check???


Country: Thailand


Well first of all Canada is very large where in Canada?

Depending on East coast or west coast?

The best deal is to take a hotel package and extend your travel time that way.

Let me know your city and I will get you one way ticket info
When I flew into Thailand from Korea it was much cheaper to get a round trip ticket than a one way. Odd ain't it?
Bad luck hey... It's too cold there..!! But not so long way to come here. Try china airline from lowest electronics air-ticket agency in Thailand that you can search then pay by card. You can get round ticket with free cancellation and secure. Good Luck..!!
My experience is that a round trip ticket is almost always cheaper than a one way ticket.
What would someone do with such a question/request?!!!!!!
> you use internet! OK - then ask the airlines you would fly with.
> there are plenty of travel agents who would assist you better than any Localyte!
> where in Canada are you supposed to go? Basically oneway tickets are more
expensive than roundtrips !!!! Operating out of Thailand is commonly cheaper than
from elsewhere, even some destinations have high price policy.
Its almost always cheaper to take a return ticket :-)
Generally speaking it is cheaper to fly round trip,the last time i checked it was cheaper in America to fly RT than it was from Thailand.Good luck and look for the deals on the internet.
It always return tickets are cheaper than one way. However, it sometimes have one way promotion and you need to ask your local travel agents. If you want to get a quote from Thailand(BKK) to whatever city,

You can quote a single way ticket at and you can see how much will cost.

Hope that live information can help.
It is usually cheaper to uy a return ticket. But you can esily check this on Internet looking to the sites of the main airlines. Thai Airways is usually expensive.
A roundtrip ticket is always cheaper than a one way.


Buying a round trip ticket will be cheaper (by about 600$) than a one way, however if you are planning on travelling to multiple destinations I would suggest you look into an around the world ticket, I think you can select 4 to 5 destinations and the whole ticket only costs around 2000-2500$ It is value for money if you are uppety about what you want and where you want to go.
Book a return flight and then also take travel insurance. Don't try to save money here, you never know when you will need that insurance.
Try various agents in your home town, but prices of the tickets will generally be set by the airlines.
Check online at and also try

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