is the nairobi - mombasa highway safe to drive ?

i am planning to drive from nairobi to mombasa (and return) with my fiancee during my stay in kenya. im white, she is kenyan. it would be the two of us in the car. any issues that i may need to be aware of? both in terms of road condition (eg you need a 4x4) and hazards (eg thugs mugging cars). thanks guys


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The Nairobi Mombasa higway is quite safe to drive during the day. At night there are areas that are not safe at all. Please note that there will be lots of huge trucks on the road transporting goods. The road is in very good condition as it has recently been recarpeted . There are some diversions when driving from Nairobi, otherwise from Nairobi should be smooth. Good Luck!
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Be rest assured that Kenya is a safe destination and especially the away up up to Mombasa is very safe and the security is very tight.

Is a safari dangerous?

No, not if you stay within the marked boundaries of your lodge or in your minibus. Your guide and driver know what is, and is not, safe. Incidents involving animals are rare in East Africa and are, almost without fail, the result of someone doing what they have been advised not to do. Nairobi is a big, bustling city. Avoid wearing flashy jewelry, hold onto your purse and camera bag, beware of clever conmen and don't walk in the city at night. Do not wear money belts, since they can easily be cut off from the rear. It is always a good idea when you travel to keep a photocopy of your passport in your suitcase and another at home. It's a fact that traveling on safari is safer than traveling in most U.S. cities. The people are friendly, and the government patrols the game parks - their most treasured resource- for the safety and benefit of all.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information or assistance that you may require. Individual and discounted group rates also available on request.

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Yes, you can drive. the road is done and it is like new. You need any type of car not necessarily 4x4.
The road is quite safe, i drive up and down from Mombasa to Nairobi and back quite frequently. I would advice that you watch out for the transit trucks and crossing wild animals on sections of the road. It would also be advisable you do the driving during the day since your not familiar with the route. Start early, approximately 8 or 9am. Doing an average speed of 80KPH, you should be in Mombasa in approx 8hours give or take a few minutes. Safe journey!!
i can advice you to drive during the day is so safe.after all u can make it from nai to msa in 6-7 hours.
hello the highway is safe , there is some construction going on thus a 4wd is appropriate. hiring charges are higer than a saloon. drive only in the day and stop over at the small towns on the way if you need refreshments. mobile telephone service is good and the whole highway has network thus if you have a kenyan sim card you are a ok to go. its a great drive and if you leave nairobi by 8am drive leisurely you will be in mombasa by 3pm or by 4pm latest. security is good but i would advice only dat time travel is the best
you are safe driving to nairobi during the day. make sure you have your driving licence and observe speed limits..not more than 80KPH.
The Nairobi - Mombasa highway is quite safe to drive but during the day. For your safety I would advise that you drive during the day.The road is busy one with fleets of heavy trucks transporting goods from Mombasa.

All the best.
Hi, Mombasa highway is safe to drive. it is good to drive during the day.
It is newly re carpeted hence driving will not be a problem.
But if you wish, we can book you a flight and hotels and get you vehicles to use during
your stay. make sure you visit Haller park, ForJesus, marine park and our beaches
Please feel free to inquire more on your trip and we wish you and you fiancée a good stay in Mombasa.

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Leave Nairobi early early in the morning to beat the traffic near Athi river on your way out of town. Take it easy. There are alot of stupid, hot-headed, drivers in a big hurry to get to their own funeral on Mombasa road. Don't get into that mentality that you have to overtake every slow truck "no matter what the cost". If you have to sit and drive slowly for a while, so be it. Right now after some big rains near Sultan Hamud, the road has been damaged and there is a fair bit of traffic. All the more reason to leave NBO very early in the morning to get ahead of that.
10 years ago it was possible to drive all day and not get to Mombasa by nightfall. At that time, you'd plan for an overnight stop in Voi or something. Luckily, that's long gone and its quite easy to do the drive in about 6-7 hours, so you won't have to drive at night. There really isn't a need for a 4x4.
The best places to stop and get a bite to eat, a drink and go to the toilet are at major petrol stations in Mtito-Andei and Voi. Otherwise, its usually ok, to pull off and disappear behind a bush (of which there are plenty) for a minute to "mark your territory".
Personally, if I had the choice (and time) between driving or flying, I'd drive every time. The scenery almost all the way down is beautiful. And despite the fact that I've done that drive hundreds of times, I never get tired of the Yatta plateau and the kopjies in Tsavo.
Enjoy the drive!
yes it is safe to drive there is some construction going on now and the heavy down pour is a threat so drive carefully to avoid skidding off the road. enjoy the sites as you return
Hallo,The Highway is ok to drive on but if you have doubts you should consider driving during the day.I was there barely a week ago and that is why i testify to this.Be Safe and enjoy.
Hallo,The Highway is ok to drive on but if you have doubts you should consider driving during the day.I was there barely a week ago and that is why i testify to this.Be Safe and enjoy.
Mombasa highway is very good for 4X4s. its undergoing some renovations in some stretches but otherwise its good for all vehicles. Its also safe in all inhabited stretches.
Its normally advisable not to stop in uninhabited areas even when u get a puncture moreso at night. its also alway safer to have a spare tyre in good condition.
you just come to mombasa there is no thing wrong with the kenyan roads
Such a good question and important too. Travelling by road at the moment is not advisable. There has been a lot of kidnappings and carjackings lately and the most weird thing is police checks at the Nairobi-Msa highway have been removed so safety is definitely not assured and the fact that you white, people will think that you are carrying a lot of valuables i.e money and otherr stuff making you a marked man. So, please dont travel by road and if you must just take a bus, there are world class state of the art public vehicles around and good thing about it is the cost is affordable.
Dear Traveller, These days its too scary not only the NBI-MSA road, but the whole of Nairobi iteself. There are lot of Carjackings and kidnappings going on..these days they kidnap you and ask for ransom..even if you are a middle income earner they are kidnapping you and then ask money through MPESA or other means. I will suggest follow any of the luzary buses plying the road either Coast bus or Marsh or the like... day travelling is advisable hower its no garantee that crimes do not happen during the day!! so please while travelling let few people know you are on the road and keep in touch dont keep much cash with out for unusual incidents/accidents on the road! sometimes they are an ambush! Thanks guys!!!
To start your road trip to Mombasa you need to leave early to avoid the traffic snarl up as you leave the busy town this will also give you an opportunity of seeing the beautiful sceneries while along the road.Along the road there are transits trucks so avoid overtaking them on sharp bends as Mombasa road has a lot of them, otherwise,this trip is suitable to use other types of vehicles other than 4x4 provided they are in good condition. If you are to hire a vehicle make sure it is from a well known car hire/tour company. Most stopovers along the road are done in major petrol stations especially when driving at night. If you are not used to driving for long hours you can take turns with your fiancee or hire a chauffeur for assistance.
you will need a 4wd,their is a section which is still under contraction,it is safe to drive during the day.start your safari early there very good sites in the way.
You can drive comfortably from nairobi to Mombasa and its safe. Its better during the day. Mombasa Naiorbi Highwy has been well recarpetted so its smooth most of the parts alsthough there are some sections still under construction. You may need a comfotable car to go with not necessarily 4x4.
A good place to stop for lunch and rest is at the Mtito Andei before you proceed.
After Voi there are warnigns for Strong Wind Crossing be alert as you approach this area. Otherwise travell safely and Enjoy Kenya!
there is no problem, just travell during daytime all is well may be traffics will disturb you when you over speed
It is very safe. No bandits nor malicious persons to way lay you. HOWEVER! it is wisdom to always work (walk) while it is day. Plan to start your journeys early so that you travel with day light. It is said that Darkness does attract mischief by day and not by night it will be safe. leave early to give yourself time and not be in a rush. a 4x4 may give you possibility of excursions once down at the coast that is off to the main land for a day out or something. if its just to drive down to Mombasa 4x4 not necessary.practise general caution and enjoy your drive.
I would advise drive to Mombasa during the day, but at night no, there have been some incidents of mugging & carjacking, therefore stick to day light and if you want to travel their by night then flight or train would be nice.

Be safe and not sorry
to be on the safer side leave Nairobi early morning and rich there early also coz to avoid problems that may occur on your way to coast.
Nairobi - Mombasa highway is safe to drive during the day but insecure during the night. Be sure to depart Nairobi early enough for you to beat the traffic along the way.

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