Hey,visiting Bangkok in mid April

we are a couple, that will pass 3 nights to Bangkok, before heading to Boracay Phil. Where is the best place to stay, with affordable and clean rooms, plus near to the Sky Station. And what are the best things to do during, these 3nights,4 days stay? Thanks. Jess


Country: Thailand


The time you travel in April will be hot season, best place to stay for me is Bangkok Interplace near Ramhamhaenge University, cost of 200 baht for taxi, if you use Taxi Service at airport, it will be more as the Mafia charge for taxis to pick u up a Arrivals, suggest you go upstairs and get a taxi dropping off passenger, this will be the can argue price 250 to 300, but me knowing Thai and have done this before I can do it. Bkk Interplace will cost you 750 bhat a night, walk in..maybe more if booked on line..again this is Thailand... it houses a bank, travel agency and has many outside food vendors!
thanks for all the info

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