I am going to Ecuador for two weeks in March. What are the must see sights in Ecuador?

Also i am interested to climb or tour a volcano - any recommendations?


Country: Ecuador


I recommend you visit the volcano Tungurahua, since it is the active volcano tourism in the country, they can also visit nearby cities where you will find folklore, tourism, entertainment, traditional food and many beautiful places that will travel with very little budget, Bienvenido a Ecuador!
Ecuador is a small country with many contrast if you are interest in climbing I recommend you have a training in the center of the Andes mountains like Ilinizas or Pichincha and after you should be ready for the rest of the highest mountains such as Cotopaxi or Chimborazo you can combined your trip with regions like the Amazon, low lands or Galapagos Islands
Enjoy our country
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Hi there, since you will be only here in Ecuador for 2 weeks you should really select your choices, Ecuador is small but has lot of great places to visit and see... Volcanos are great sites, You could try as some one mentioned already the Tungurahua, which is active, to go there you should visit a small really touristic oriented town: Banos (de Ambato), from there you could get all sorts of tours like the ones to the Rain forest that is only an hour away, rafting, and different extreme adventure sports, or just horse back riding. There i am not sure how close you could get to the volcano it self, see if you could get more information on the web about this volcano, the access to the town and volcano always depends on it's latest activity, the times I have been there I could here it roared but no signs of lava, at least not from the towns vies, I believe that there are some specific locations to watch, try to search online on this. Next option which I will say it is easy to reach and it is a magnificent view, from my city Guayaquil it is about 4 hrs driving distance, I am sure they must have tours to visit the shelters on the top of the mountain. Your other option it is to travel along the mountain chain visiting some of the towns in the Ecuadorian highland and you will get a chance to have wonderful site seeing views of the volcanoes.... Just be a bit open with your planning since we are in the rainy season so you could find some road blockage.... If you let me know where will be your main location in the country, I could suggested more precise options, there is lots of options by the ocean and at the rainforest... Enjoy Ecuador....

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