Should I go to the Amazon Jungle in Peru or Lima, Peru?


Country: Peru


The amazon jungle is on the eastern part of the country. There are many places to go visit the jungle: Iquitos, Pucallpa, Manu, Tambopata, etc
Lima is the capital city of the country located on the coast. I would recommend you to revise a map to find yourself on earth.
I really recommend u to go to the jungle, u can go to Manu, Puerto palmeras (in Tarapoto), Tambopata etc. So u can taste the delicious jungle food like Juane and so u can see the beautiful Amazon river, and maybe one of our pink dolphins :)
it depends .lima is like lots of capitals .. you get to meet people fromall over peru in on big place. it is not an easy city but it is very interesting,
if you have a lot of time and do not just have interest in the flora and animals of peru but want to meet a cross section of the people then lima is a good place to be.
The Amazon Jungle is only near Iquitos, where Amazonas River is, the others jungles are Amazonian basins, highlands or rainforests, there are many kinds of with different biodiversity. Any choice must start from Lima .
you can visit the jungle of peru for sure but first if you are coming to peru ,,i guess you will come by plane which menaing the first place you will visit in peru will be lima form lima you can take a plane directkly to puerto maldonado in teh jungle or maybe first you can visit some other ¿cities in peru like arequipa cusco and than you can go from cusco to the jungle
gook luck
Lima is an obligated stop, because it has the main international airport in the country so it will probably be your port of entry. There are many ways to get to the rainforest either through Iquitos or through Cusco (Maldonado and Manu). It's not clear how much time you have and what you are interested in. Peru is a land of great diversity and the Amazonian basin holds many wonders... Good luck.
Perú's only international airport is in Callao, port of Lima, the capital city of this small peculiar country. Geography separates it in three parallel strips, the first towards the pacific where Lima stands, is desertical with the exception of small river valleys between dunes, Lima is on one of those valleys though now covered with concrete and slumps. Three hours north of Lima you may visit the city of Caral, the first civilization in the Americas, further north Mochica and Chimu remains are quite interesting and the beaches nicer than the frigid dry desertical ones to the south. The highlands or Andes convey most of the archaeologically relevant sites, the Chavin teocracy temple, the Wari empire, the short lived Inca`s empire which so recently (15th century,when Columbus was alive) built nice pieces as Machu-Picchu, to be enjoyed only by their scarce aristocracy that kept a prehistoric way of life in most aspects. The third strip will be the larger, the rainforest or 'amazon jungle' as you call it, mostly on Brazilian territory now as Peruvians never cared much (not even in times of the Incas or before) about it, which benefited the neighbouring countries that just took that land. Contemporary interest on eco-travel and nature makes it a wonderful choice, but skipping the historical sites being so close to them will be a pitty. Besides nature and some typical plates,there is not much to be seen in the jungle.
Come on !! No need to ask, go inmediatly to the Jungle, Lima sucks...
Well Amazon jungle is more interesting if you like a ecologic tour but if you like big cities with famous restaurant and modern things you must choice Lima the capital.
Well the only international airport is en Lima, so Lima is an obligated stop. In the jungle you can visit Iquitos, Pacaya Samiria Reserve, el Manu, Tambopata Candamo.
I would recommend you to visit Lima too.
Goog luck
Lima is the main city of Peru, and this city is not in the Amazon jungle, Peru has three natural regions: the coast (where lima is located), the higlands or Andes, and the forest, the forest is in turn divided into two regions, the high jungle or rain forest in which are the most spectacular scenery and waterfalls (cataracts of gocta the third highest in the world) and the cities of Tarapoto, Moyobamba, Tingo Maria, where you can practice boating, camping, see the remains of Pajaten a lost city too (for the extreme people because there is no official way to get there) Chachapoyas cemeteries locked in a cliff, famous for the mystery of its construction as inaccessible ubication, etc. and enjoy traditional food and customs of the natives, and finally the Amazon jungle where is located the city of Iquitos and Amazon River start, the city is very warm and friendly, welcoming people
It will depend on your very own preferences and objectives but, if I was to choose I definetely wil visit the Jungle (it may not be there if you wait too much! .... no, I'm kidding); there is so much diversity and uniqueness in the jungle that you shouldn't miss it1 (but it won't be the same if you are colombia, brazilian or ecuadorian!) . I would recommend visiting the National Reserve of Manu, it's incredible!
Good luck and you will feel at home here!

You probably don't have much choice but to come through Lima at some point, especially if you're arriving on an international flight. This is fine though, there is plenty to do in Lima for a couple of days and it's a great city to get to know.

I would definitely recommend a visit to the jungle if you have time. Iquitos is a magical place and is a good stopping point for visits into the jungle itself.

If you're visiting some of Peru's other popular places - Cusco and Arequipa for example, you might find that Puerto Maldonado is a more convenient part of the jungle to visit.

Buen Viaje!

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Hi, The amazon jungle is great, is magic, but is no near to capital Lima. If you like the ecologic the amazon jungle is perfect and i recommend visit this place.
In Lima you 'll found more culture and fun, you choose both ambient or one....
my mail is , thanks
Of course, you have to go to the jungle in Perú. The Amazon river is in Iquitos and the only way to go there is by plane. good luck!!!!
LIMA is teh main stop, unless u r coming rom BoLivia, where AEROSUR gives direct flight LA PAZ-CUSCO and viceverce twice a week....then a short flight to PEM(puerto maldonado), IQUITOs is another option and close to the AMAZON river....

LIMA doesn not have jungle..only coast(desert), and higlands

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