Figueres Made in France - Plate with Nuts?

My aunt returned from France with a plate with fake assorted nuts on it as a gift to my mom. It was absolutely beautiful and you would have thought they were real. A few months ago my mom's cat pushed the plate on the floor and my poor mom was just so upset. I've been searching for a place that sells these ever since. I would love to find a website where I can buy her something similar for Christmas. The only thing I could find on the plate was "Figueres" and "Made in France" printed on the bottom. I'm assuming that the plate was porcelain. The assorted nuts were obviously 3D and painted to look real. If anyone has ANY idea of where I can find one, I would be so appreciative! I've tried the "fake-food" websites, but they don't have anything that even resembles this, or the quality. Thanks in advance!!


Country: France


Ask your aunt where she has bought this plate with assorted nuts.
Here is the adress where you can buy those porcelain plates with fake (in french we say "trompe-l'oeil" " ) fruits and vegetables :

Marcel Figuères
10 avenue Lauzier
13008 Marseille 08 - Provence Alpes Cotes d'Azur - France

Here is the link of the society :

OK ?

Here's a link with contact details in English language


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