Train service in Pisa (Italy)?

I am traveling to Pisa next week and need to travel to Bologna for a day, then go back to Pisa. I would like to know whether the train service is available during the night hours. Can anyone help please?


Country: Italy


You can check the avaiability of the train service here:

Dear Traveler,
There are trains from Pisa to Bologna departing at 22.30, 1.12, 4.15, 5.39 but check the Treni Italia website for up to date info. Please Note: Night trains are slow and usually not very comfy:-)
Enjoy your travel.
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please check the departure times here

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You can check on . There are night train , but they are slower than day train
You can refer to the official web site of the italian rail-road system: ! check on the top for the english version. and you may even make a reservation for your seat.
Should you come to rome I would be glad to guide you in one of the itineraryies you may chose on my website: .

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