From Skopje, how to reach Lojane without a car ? Thanks.


Country: Macedonia


dont go there :O
Why ?
he is referring to the security issues that you can have maybe.You should know that you are entering clear region of albanians and their culture is diff.Il faut etre gentil et pas regarde leur femme,cest une culture muslim different des autre plustot traditionel albanaise difficile a explique:) il faut experience:)
Why not go there? Because Albanian living there? Be ashamed, they are also citizens of Macedonia, as we are, and they have culture, traditions and their religious, and for my opinion they are much more welcoming than us macedonians. They are part of culture, tradition and history of Macedonia.
Tanks Dina, they are simply more traditionnal, i guess...
Za da me razberis, poradi toa deka ne znam dali razbiras dobro angliski, komentarot ti go prepisuvam na nas majcin jazik.
Zosto da ne odi tamu? Poradi toa deka tamu ziveat Albanci? Sram da vi e, tie se isto kako i nie, drzavjani na Makedonija, i tie imaat svoja kultura, tradicija i vera (ista vera kako sto ja ima i Enes Ismailov) i moe mislenje e deka tie se po gostoprimlivi od nas Makedoncite. Tie se del od kulturata, tradicijata i istorijata na Makedonija. Zal mi e za vasata inferirnost i ignorantski komentar.
So pocit prema vas dokolku ste zensko.
Pa ti neli si muslimanin po vera,
sto e vazno shto sum samo mu objasnuvam na covekot sho mislel toj sho mu kazal da ne odi! jas nemam nisto protiv nikogo, jas bi odela licno ,procitaj svati za sto zboram pa togas komentiraj , pozdrav Aleko se najubavo vo novata 2012, a ako imas drugo prasanje bi te zamolila da mi pishes privatna poraka.
From Skopje you mast take bus to Kumanovo and there in Kumanovo bus station to look for bus so Lojane.For shore there are some mini bus to conect Kumanovo and area around.
Thanks Maja. Do you know cheap places to sleep in Lojane or Koumanovo ?
Da mi si ziva cuco,
Aleko, Can you please talk in english ? :)
You can check this page - , but I think it's only in Macedonian, so you can tell us some information, about the price, what do you expect (what kind of services), how many nights, date etc. so we can help you :)
Hi, you can reach Lojane by buss, or on foot from skopje. When you come to Skopje you can contact me on mobile phone +38975422760.
Have a good time.
On foot from skopje ? It's about 50km !!! Impossible for me ;)
Do you know cheap places to sleep in Lojane or Koumanovo ?
Thanks !
my personal opinion is to contact directly Aleko , by the way he explains it he knows the area really well and he speaks albanian so he will be of much help for comunicating with the locals if needed
you should go in kumanovo by bus and then you can ask on the bus stasion fore transportasion to loyane :-)
41.6 kilometers from Skopje,
What kind of transporation do you prefer?
the cheaper ;) the bus is ok...

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