Is it possible to live in Bahrain and work in Saudi ?


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No. Its not possible to live in Bahrain and work in Saudi. Simply coz the distance that you will have to travel is too much.
it is possible for the nationals of both countries but very difficult for the expats.
for expats its easier to stay in bahrin from saudi than to stay in saudi from bahrain.

if your in saudi you need to have visa to stay in bahain. if your a student its esier to get if you wana study in bahrain. else you ahve to find a bahraini who wants you in bahrain, i dont know the procedure if you wana
The first question is, are you a male or a female? If you are a male then there is really no problem. Many folks live in Bahrain and work in Saudi esp. if their company is just located right off Bahrain (i.e. Al Khobar...etc.)
It is possible but it depends on your nationality and the company you work for.
depends on where in saudy its mroe or less 30 mins to cross the bridge, if your working in dammam dhahran or khobar its pretty close and you can go n come bak from there.

it is poosible.!!!!

But your request is very generic, you should consider a couple of "something"; means the duration of stay, consider the visa issues etc., travel over the Causeway takes between 45 and >200 minutes; cost point of view; residential issues.

If you're NOT following the immigration procedures (which require a sponsor and visa for Bahrain) of the Kingdom of Bahrain, you will be not able to issue any kind of contract in Bahrain, like Bank account; insurance, driver licence etc.
You may can rent a car or some accomodations, but you're not fully integrated.

Depends on your nationality: by traveling between Saudi and Bahrain! Every time you travel back to Bahrain -> you will get treated as new Visitor, which means Bahrain will issue a new Visa for you. This needs to get paid by you. Some Europeans pay 5 BD each day they will come back.

Same needs to be considered for traveling to Saudi, but in a different way. If you're working in Saudi, you need to have a visa. I assume you have. This Visa need to have a multi entry / exit value which needs to be paid seperatly by you or your sponsor and is valid for max 6 month. By the way, many company do not issue these kind of visa for their employees. Even not done/issued by wellknown internation big players.

Another issue would be:

that car's taken even from Bahrain or Saudi (for Expats) can not be taken easily over the causeway, unless they own the car and or have a seperate authorisation letter from the owner of the car. Which could be the company who is hiring you, and/or the rental office who is renting the car to you. Difficult, very difficult. By today, there is no rental office in Bahrain given any kind of transfer of rental cars over the causeway cause of very dab experience during the last previous year(s).
Maybe, but it depends on you personal and also on your Job, in Saudi any rental office will may ask for a seperate letter from your sponsor, who is hiring you, to authorise you to travek between Saudi and Bahrain on a frequently daily basis. In addition to this, the local Causeway authorisation Office in Damam need to generate the authorisation on request.

You see, it's not easy,............ anyway, to give you an answer: yes it is possible, to give you a tip: talk to your Saudi sponsor, and review your contract in detail.

If you have a local, full eqama (Visa, resident and work permit) for Saudi Arabia - > possible with some obstacles.

Good luck, may see you on the causeway
it is possible if your passport allows you to do that. Also, i will recommend you to live in saudi if your work is not in the eastern province. Hope this is helpfull
It is possibleIf you have a Saudi residential visa. Many pple do the same.
Below are the criteria's through the Causeway

Conditions for Causeway Visit Visa (Saudi resident)

The Causeway Visit Visa (Saudi resident) is only granted subject to the following terms and conditions.


The fee for this visa varies between BD2 and BD5, depending on the length of stay and other factors.

Grant conditions:
Applicant must be entering the Kingdom of Bahrain via the Causeway when applying for this visa.
The visa is issued at the Causeway in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
The visa fee is paid at the Causeway in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Applicant must have had a current resident permit of Saudi Arabia for at least 6 months.
Applicant's resident permit for Saudi Arabia must be valid for at least another 6 months.
Your entry must not violate the security and national welfare of Bahrain.
Entry conditions:
Applicant must enter the Kingdom of Bahrain via the Causeway.
You must be able to support yourself (and any dependents) during the visit.
Passport must be valid for length of time you will be in Bahrain, or the length of the visa, whichever is longer.
If your passport validity is in doubt, you may be denied entry to Bahrain.
Stay conditions:
Length of stay allowed is 3 days or 1 week or 2 weeks.
The visa can be used only once, for a single entry.
Extension conditions:
This visa may be extended at GDNPR in Bahrain on payment of a fee.
Other conditions:
Applicant must show evidence of current residence in Saudi Arabia.

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