What should we be sure to see and do over our 2 day stay?


City: Florence

Region: Tuscany

Country: Italy


I can tell you my preferences, I love my city at all but there are some places I prefer...:
1 - the original statue of David and the "Prigioni" of Michelangelo in Galleria dell'Accademia
2 - the view of the city from Piazzale Michelangelo (possibly at sunset...)
3 - standing in Piazza della Signoria, look at Palazzo Vecchio and Loggia dei Lanzi
4 - the hall of Botticelli in Galleria degli Uffizi (simply wonderful...)
5 - an ice cream in "Perchèno" - Via dei Tavolini 19/red (a side street of Via Calzaioli)
6 - a look to the river from the Lungarno towards Ponte Vecchio
7 - if you have time, a lunch (not dinner, it is closed) in Mercato Sant'Ambrogio. Inside there is a very very small restaurant where you can eat the real authentic popular Florentine food in a noisy, caothic atmosphere... if you like it, try the "trippa alla fiorentina" (it is the belly of the cow...)
8 - the shop "Officina di Santa Maria Novella" in Via della Scala 16 (near the Station). It is the oldest Company in Florence, founded in 1612 as pharmacy, they still produce and sell fragrances, cosmetics, herbals, and other. The shop is like a museum, I have not seen anything similar everywhere...
9 - the neighborhood of "Oltrarno", in the opposite side of the river respect to the downtown, with its ancient historical cobbled streets. In the evening you can eat in one of the lovely typical restaurants, somewhere with music.
10 - walking around downtown, especially in the smallest streets... Everywhere you look, you will see beauty....
Have a nice holiday in Florence!
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Ciao from Firenze
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I hope this helps!
Enjoy Florence!
a presto,
Katie Greenaway
Local Expert of Florence

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