I would like to know the driving distance from Santo Domingo to the border of Dajabon and Ouanaminthe Haiti?

Can I rent a car from Dominican Republic and return it to the same company in Haiti?


Country: Dominican Republic


Normally they dont offer you that option.... te driving distance between Santo Domingo to Dajabon border is 247 Kilometers.....

I will not recomend you to go over there unless have company.. it is really dangerous.... Wether you have a friend from the Dominican Republic or someone who has done that previously..........

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Maybe around 4 hrs drive, I've heard there could be problems taking a car. I suggest googling car hire for both countries. You can take a coach from Santo Domingo and use local transport or maybe hire a car in Haiti.

You may find that dominicans are quite negative about safety in Haiti, there is a lot of antagonism between the two, and also racism, there is a long history of invasion and also genocide between them - historically not so relatively long ago. Therefore I would ask a variety of people about safety. I have been told that it is perfectly OK there, but as with anywhere it depends whereabouts you go. I have never been to Haiti but I do know it culturally very rich.
I have been told that the trip from Santo Domingo to Dajabon takes about 6 to 8 hours, depending on road conditions.
I have to warn you though. It can be pretty dangerous for travelers because of the economy in both countries. Be careful of where you go and who you go with. If you know someone in this country, invite them to go along with you, they can be an ace up your sleeve if you get in a bind.
I'm not sure about returning the car in Haiti. Most rental companies here are private and don't allow you to travel into Haiti.
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Good luck on your trip, I hope you enjoy every second of it.
The distance from Santo Domingo to Dajabon and Ouanamenthe {juanamende) is about 250 km, 4 to 4 1/2 hrs driving.

Take precautions you may find inconvinient in both sides.
It takes about 6 hours, if stopping by on the way... but be carefull, im agree with some of the answers, there is a whole story between my country and haiti, that makes unhospitality sometimes, the weather changes once you accross the border, thats incredible. I recommend if you are going as tourist, check out advises and precautions. If you are going to work and have a company, they should help you with. Better if going with someone that knows more about some rules.
Actually you can't, I used to work for Hertz car rental, it's forbidden to take cars out of Dominican Republic, not only Hertz but all the well recognized car rentals, on top of that it's not safe at all. You can go by bus, Caribe Tours goes to Haiti, Port-au-Prince and Cap Haitien, it is safe and not that expensive, another option will be a charter flight from Santo Domingo to Port-au-Prince.
The distance from Santo Domingo to Dajabon and Ouanamenthe is 250 km but 6 hrs driving.
Take care, because driving in RD could be dangerous.
It could be better for you to take a GUAGUA (RD bus), it's cheaper and much sure for a tourist.
Good trip.bye.

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