Is Ghana safe? I have been thinking about going there but not sure if it is worth the risk. What kind of precautions should I take?


Country: Ghana


Ghana is safe, you can go out the night without fear
you can do business safely but make sure to talk to officials
Ghana is very safe. As tour operator and guide, I welcome people from different parts of the world who enjoy their stay here in Ghana and often come back or recommend other.

You would have to take the usual precautions as everyone including those as Ghanaians would take.
Ghana is safe for business,you just have to be smart in your movement around town.
Safe is an understatement! Ghana is not only safe, but very stable politically. Political stability comes with civil safety. Ghanaians go about their duties in a very free and safe manner. Ghana is know as The Land of Hospitality- because of the warmth of its people.

Ghana is therefore a very safe place to visit for either pleasure, as a tourist or for business.
Ghana is countered as one of the safest havens to holidays and business. Hence a trip here is advised since at the center of the world there is peace in-spite of economic melt downs.
the fact is that compared to other countries around the world or even in the west African region. Ghana is safe but it is not the safest in the world. some neighbourhoods are pretty dangerous and to be safe avoid these areas. if you avoid isolated areas esp at night.
Many people come and to Ghana and have a good time. if you do not take your security for granted Ghana is safe.
come visit and have a nice time
My state Ghana as the period of colonialism is a extremely approachable country,It is recognized of its evergreen rainforests and a little of the flawless sceneries in the world.The people of Ghana are kind hearted and extremely friednly too.Guest from all above globe are inspired to sojourn Ghana is they truly desire to feel the sense of nature in this 21st century.It is endowed alongside countless gorgeous tourist palces of intrests and additionally one of the flawless locations of the globe whereas we find the real peace.One touches save as being in Ghana for tourism or ofr each supplementary issues.It flawless for early period travellers to Africa, the people are usually extremely helpful and welcoming. As their laidback attitude and lack of coordinated tourist sights/trips can be a slight exasperating to onset alongside, beforehand you possess been there for extremely long you comprehend that it is one of the charms of this country. Hope to see you in Ghana as you will sure it and tend to there always.. Ihope you would be satisfied with this simple and precise answer of mine.Hope to see your mail if possible for more is my mail.Thank you
Ghana is safe. Lie others have said you need to take precautions just like anyone should and not just a traveler in a foreign country. Just be aware of yourself and try not to go to places you are unfamiliar with alone. You have very little to fear in Ghana.
Ghana is most loving and interesting country especially, doing business is very good and also,tourist attraction is wonderful with nice places of interest which allow you to build up more ideas about West African continent and also people living here are very friendly and social they are very easy to talk and full of respect.Well talking about precautions wud base on the way you wud be living your life here. Because healthy people are much concern of their health and how they live their lives so that they would stay away from troubles. i can also be of help that is when you need me to. You can also get in torch with me through for further question and answers you need to know about Ghana.
Ghana is very safe, once you have someone good to hang around with & you don't get in the way of criminals. You can contact me anytime your want to come and I can tell you a lot more.
Ghana is one of the safest place you will want to consider in West Africa!!! But that does not mean that one should be careless!!!

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