schools in fortaleza, brazil?

okay, so... basically in june, me and my family are moving to fortaleza, ceara, brazil. i'll be 17 and will have to attend an english speaking school. could anybody give me a clue about the education system, i.e, what is the age you leave school in brazil, what lessons are mandertory, when are the school terms? also, if you could give me any information about what teenagers wear in the climate, popular music, etc. obrigada ;) xo


Country: Brazil


Well... I've heard about the "not so hot" economy of Fortaleza. Without a doubt, it is a beautiful place. If you're a native speaker from the US, you have a good chance of getting a job there. My advice is to learn Portuguese... as I have noticed how handy it is for teaching English, as well as socially. Don't expect to earn a lot there. To earn more, you're better off in a much larger city... Or teach privately. I live in Aracatuba, SP. It's a very hot city in the countryside. Make as many business contacts as you can, and use them!
Excuse-me Steve, but "not so hot economy" of Fortaleza is ridiculous!!!
Fortaleza is a 2,5 million inhabitants city, the 5th in Brazil, so... Nothing personal, but it´s better to get more information first.
Huh? That, Steve, tends a bit towards neocolonialist terminology, to say the least ...
what is the age you leave school in brazil? -> you leave school when you are 17 years old IF you don't have pendencies.

what lessons are mandertory? -> portuguese, math, english, geography, history, fisics, chemistry, sexual orientation (not every school) , this is the basic ones, but some schools requires extras lessons like philosphy.

you could give me any information about what teenagers wear in the climate, popular music, etc -> Fortaleza is one of the places in Brazil with more incidence of clear sky and sunny days so teenagers are more commom to use light and small clothes to face the heatwaves. Popular music are specially different in Fortaleza than the rest of Brazil, in Fortaleza they listen to Axé, Frevo in the most of the cases.

Hope my info can give you some ideas and despite of bad news about the poverty in Brazil and violence I CAN ASURE YOU that you gonna love this country, things are not like movie Turists or Rio de Janeiro in Fortaleza, Fortalez is know as Peace of Heaven.
You can always check this site:

If you want lo learn portuguese in an easy way, you may enroll the busuu community (). The education system in brazil has 12 grades and you probably will attend the 11 or 12th. The schools has 2 term, first from february to end of june and 2nd from august to first days of december. If you want some information about brazilian music, please enroll the ilike community, in facebook. You will find a lot of brazilian music. Ceara is one of the best states to live in the Northeast region, Fortaleza is a very developed city (in brazilian terms) and, if you like beach and nature, it is perfect because the city has at least 250 days of sunshine per year. If you have additional questions, please don´t hesitate to sent them.

There is a good article in Wikipedia about your question, i strongly suggest you to read all the article:

But i believe that it would be easy to you to quickly adapt to our education system, if already graduated in high school, you will have to look at some university in Fortaleza, i recommend to you the federal (á) and state university (á), they are free and have a better score in Brazil, but if you can't join one of that, you could go to a "particular" university, there a lot of them.

About the climate, Fortaleza its located in the "nordeste" (northeast), and its very hot there, all year long, so i believe that you are going use summer clothes, a lot! :)

Each state or region in Brazil has its own culture, and the "nordeste" has a lot of them, you could start looking at "Forro", frevo and axé.

More info:

it is difficult because only a few people speaks english in the Nothest of Brazil.
Anyway here goes an option
Instituição de Ensino de Inglês Pereira da Silva Ltda
Av. Monsenhor Tabosa, 403 - Praia de Iracema, Fortaleza - CE, 60165011
(0xx)85 3219-1497 ‎
Besides all the tipps you already have, I would reccomend you to go to Orkut(alsmos the same as facebook). It is very popular in Brazil and you can either make some questions or make contacts with teenagers from Fortaleza or even brasilians who live in your place. However, you need an invitation to create an account and also a gmail. If you want to do that, send me your email so I can invite you.
Hello, you are coming for one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil. Fortaleza is a city with 3 million habitants, beautiful beaches and nice people. About school, we leave it around 17 years old, so It's better if you bring all your school documents and translate when you get here. In your age you will be ready to apply for University. Here we have nice ones: Federal University of Ceara, State University of Ceara, University of Fortaleza (private one, I`ve studied there and it's one of the best private universities of North and Northeast region). Fortaleza has an average weather between 23 to 37 C during the year. Teenagers here wear a lot of american clothes brands as abercrombie, hollister, aeropostale, Ralph Lauren, Tommy etc. About music people are very eclectic. There are places that play forro, samba, pagode. There are nice night clubs. The electronic scene here are very developed. You will love Fortaleza. Don't hesitate to contact me for more questions.
hello dude, you mean English speaking school as in International schools (schools with the whole curriculum given in English by native English speaking teachers)? I'm afraid there are none in Fortaleza. The closest to you would be in Recife (Pernambuco State) or Salvador (Bahia state), two capitals in states a little bit further south than Fortaleza. You can check the international schools in brazil here - it's in portuguese but look those under Recife and Bahia and try and contact them. International schools terms normally follow the international one, long holidays in the middle of the year and short ones at the end/beginning of the year. Brazilian schools have long holidays in our summer and short ones in our winter.

the time you normally leave schools is at 17-18, but obviously depend on how you progressed along the grades in your school life.
Well, I live in Fortaleza since I was a child, more or less 22 years. So, to find a multilingual school here, that I sincerelly don´t know, call IBEU - - that is an english school here. Other informations I can give you. You leave school in Brazil more or less with 17 years old. Then you go to College. About lessons and terms it´s complicated to explain here. The clime here is always "summer", i.e., we dont´t feel the change of the seasos because we´re very near the Equator line. We have the rainy season (feb-mar-apr-may) and the windy season (Jul-Aug-Sep-Oct) and the very hot season (that corresponds to the summer in the south hemisphere. Teenagers wears very light clothes, dresses, but jeans and t-shirts are ok. Popular music is "Forró". So, I hope I´ve helped. Any other informations, write me.
The school year starts arround February, but I am sure that the schools will accept you in the middle of the year. The English language school in Brazil is Escola Americana, but they are not in Fortaleza. I had an American friend who attended Colegio Batista de Fortaleza. Try to contact them to see what are your options. I will be teaching Art at UNIFOR (:University). My classes are going to be open to any student (even high school or Jr.). About clothes, young people dress very informal in Fortaleza. They like the same kind of brands that are popular in the USA. I know some teens from Fortaleza who speak English. If you would like to meet them, call me or send me an email when you are about to come. (85) 9950-2149
Go to site.: i hope you get more informations
welcome to Brazil
wow such a long time ago you posted this thread, I hope I could be useful for you, my roomate and best friend, Marcone, he is an english teacher and he might be useful for you!

Write to me and I have more info for you, my email is
Age to leave school in brazil? : you leave school when you are 17 years old IF you don't have pendencies.
Mandatory lessons? : Portuguese, math, English, geography, history, physics, chemistry, sexual orientation (not all schools), basically; some schools require additional lessons.
What teenagers wear in the climate? : Use light clothes year round.
Music, etc ? : Axé, Frevo, MPB.
Don't pay heed to bad news about the poverty and violence in Brazil. It's but the same as elsewhere: Just stay out of trouble!
Ceara state has a source of wonderful artists!

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