I have a 7 hr layover in Haneda(5:15AM Arrival). What are some cool things to do? I heard the tuna actions don't allow visitors right now.


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

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There are lots of things to do right at Haneda's new int'l terminal, including enjoying coffee at the Planetarium. I think it opens at 7 a.m. Tsukiji Fish Market may not be open to visitors but there are many small restaurants nearby that you can eat at...look for fishermen in rubber boots for clues as to which restaurants are tastier than others. Sengakuji Temple is not far from Shinagawa Station. It is where the 47 Ronin are buried. Keanu Reeves is starring in a Hollywood remake in late 2012. Have a nice time!
May as well take your time and relax

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Richard Ashley
There are a few things near Haneda. You would have to travel from the airport to Hamamatsucho or Shinagawa (around 25 minutes by monorail). From there you can take trains to any part of Tokyo you want to see. Akihabara is around 15 minutes from Shinagawa. Asakusa around 25 minutes. Most places would be 30 minutes or less from Shinagawa. Tsukiji is 15 minutes from there. I think you can still visit the fish market but there are some restrictions. You can't see the tuna trading area but you may be able to visit other parts.
A quick visit in Odaiba , the nearest shopping malls/outlets from Haneda. 23 minutes from Haneda Airport thru Monorail for only 600 yen. You can explore the place of about an hour and can proceed to Tokyo Station from Odaidakaihinkoen 17 minutes travel time where you can see the most hi tech shinkasen, bullet trains of Japan, Ginza which is a 15 minutes walk from Tokyo Station gives you the lines of Branded Boutique and the most elegant places you`ve never seen.. quite expensive though..
Take a rest, you might need it. There are lounges and also an airport hotel in the new intl. terminal. If you want to see something, go to the tokio tower or to the Yasukunishrine, it has a historical museum about WW2 .

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