Hi, I`d like to know how can 3 person to get a trip to Nuwara Eliya (Sri Lanka) from Wadduwa 12/12/2011 or 13/12/2011. Please, tell me the p


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Simple- You take a train to Colombo Fort railway station and book prior for a ticket or on the day of travel reach the Railway station either by bus or by train station in Wadduwa.The trains to NuweraEliya will be the night train to Badulla.You need to get a ticket to Nanu-Oya.The night train leaves Colombo Fort by about 8-8.30pm so it's best to reach there about two hours ahead and organize yourself.Nothing much to do at the station if you arrive there early except sit at the correct platform which you can chaeck out from Railway information office or most station Masters or Sub-station mastwers who will wear a uniform of Black colour Coats with white trousers.Once you are on the train inform the officer in charge of the carriage when he comes around to inform you well ahead the correct station to get off.If you get yourself a Srilanka Travel guide you can keep a track yourself.Anyhow by the time you reach nanu-Oya it will be early hours say between 3am to 4.30am depending of the weather and how long the train will take that night.After you get off from Nanu-Oya station there will be enough buses going towards Nuwera Eliya right in front of the station.You can ask anyone at the station to direct you.Most will understand English even though they will be shy to have a conversation.If you are worried about night traveling then you can get into any bus from Wadduwa going towards Colombo, get off at the Pettah bus stand- here to anyone will direct you if you ask, at the private Bus halt you can get into a Expres bus which will take about 5 hours to reach Nuwera Eliya.I think there is a morning train too to Badulla it would be nice to sight see on that train as there will be a observation can check that too.It's best to go over to Fort by bus one day ahead and book your ticket.If you are not brave enough to take that trip this time I suggest to take the Bus.It is somewhat safe at least during the day there is nothing much to worry.But you should take your standard precautions.Have fun and make sure you write a positive travel experience on the net upon your return.Have fun!
You have several ways
If you want to more economy way, pl. select , Travel; by train.
It's easy and litt;le comfortable. Others cheapest way is travelling by public bus. You can reache to Colombo Bus station and there are direct buses (A/C) to N' Eliya.
Otherwise most convenient way is hiring a private coach to N'Eliya. If you select 3rd sustem you can enjoy more. On the way there are many beautiful water falls and many land scapes, Tea plantations and more sight sceanes.
If you are interesting to researve a private coach pl. let me know to of call me 071 8153788
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from wadduwa to Nuwara Eliya you can Start by train in wadduwa 13th morning 9.05 udarata menike Express train form colombo fort it will reach to NANUOYA Station after 5-6 hours then take the Taxi to Nuwara eliya .i believe this is the best way to get trip to 03 person. form wadduwa there is connective train to Colombo railway station

Hope other freinds has advised you more about cheapset ways. If you prefer to travel by a hired car or van there are two routes. Via Kandy or Hatton. Kandy road is more comfortable. and you can visit the famous Kandy city on your way and the other road(Hatton) is bit inconevenient as some part of the road has some damages. but in that road you met nicest two water falls.

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