married in dominican?

me and my fiance are thinking about getting married in dominican next summer . but we dont know how to do it . and if he do , will we be married when we come back to canada


Country: Dominican Republic


Theres a firm can do it for u.. Its pellerano & Herrera, you can write me to and we will be pleased to help you.
In the other hand, if you need some assistant or advises about nice places, you can also write me at my personnal address far as getting married in the DR. I'm actually planning my sister's wedding there. I live in NYC and live din DR for 6 years. It doesn't take much. The hotels all have different packages and they vary in prices. If you want a beach wedding, the resorts usually come with everything included except the judge, centerpieces and cake. The rest is well placed. The fee is usually RD$10,000 (US$278) to $12,000 (US$334) plus taxes and fees. If you want me to give you more details on wedding planning in DR or need help with it, let me know. You can email me at ! Hope this helps...I can provide you with links and phone numbers as well!
Hi. You should contact the Dreams Punta Cana Hotel. I used to work there and the weddings are beautiful.They can also give you a group discount if others are traveling with you. Yes you will be legally married by the time you leave the country.

If you have any other questions you can reach me at:

Good luck and best wishes.
You definitely want to talk to Rich of 4TW! He personally organizes everything from the floral arrangements to the legal documents.

To get marry here is quiet simple,, must of the hotels provides this service.... even coordinate for the judge.... now question is what do you want in the event... how muchare you willing to go for.. under water,,, in the mountains,, in a boat ... are friends of your coming ? give me details and I will look for you from here what matches the must...... of your very special momento in life.... email me to
don,t know how to it but I do know it will be legal in UK and I guess Canada. Go to DR1 web site - message boards and look around you find the answer there
you still have to register you marriage in Canada......if you don't it won't be legal brother got married here and had to do that, you also have to bring papers stating you are not married, or if you were you need the divorce papers proving you are not still married....other than that its easy to get married here....have a good one
Contact the Dreams Hotel in Uvero Alto and ask for Joan Fernandez
he can arrange everything.
If you plan on wedding on the north side of DR I would definitaly contact Rich from 4TW as Michelle suggested.
My friend had her wedding in Dreams La Romana, on the Caribbean side of the island, and they arranged everything for her. My other friend had a wedding arranged by a private company on Saona Island (also Caribbean side), it was fabulous. THa catamaran nicely decorated taking them to the island where the ceremony took place, and dinner as well. Watching the sun set from there and go back to the bay, while drinking and dancing on the catamaran. If you need more info send me PM
To get marry here is quiet simple,, must of the hotels provides this service....
just ask the planing weddyn of the hotel u want to go. they will organize everything
That's so simple and most hotels provides all the help you might need, and yes!!! you will be married in Canada as well. There are others options if you are concerned about the price, contact me for futher info.

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