can anyone tell me anything about Le Sud Ouest in France?

any information about this region would help me like you wont believe. you could tell me about the food the history awesome sites things you could do for fun and stuff like that


Country: France


I live in South west France and it is a very beautiful region. of oak clad hills, pretty valleys with dramatic cliffs and wide rivers. There is not very much industry and life is mainly rural and slow. There are many old fortified towns "Bastides" situated in prominent defensive positions and retaining their authentic medieval architecture with narrow winding streets and old beamed buildings. This is a popular holiday destination as the countryside is so attractive. You can go canoeing on the rivers, hot air ballooning, and riding as paid diversions. There are lovely walks and cycling is very popular with fit holidaymakers. You will find plentiful accommodation in hotels but also many privately owned chambres d'hote such as my own at around 35 euros a night. If you like to study history there is much to see in the many castles with relics of crusades and the hundred years war.
If you would like any more info do ask me any specific questions.
you can watch my albums of pics of Biarritz in my Facebook. it will give you an idea of the beauty of the town. For more infos the internet site is

The previous poster has done a good job of describing the region. Only 2 points to add.

1. It is a wonderful region with a beautiful climate for 6-9 months of every year, with skiing available from December - April in the Pyrenees.
2. With the combination of seaside and mountain resorts, added to culture, food and stunning scenery this region has something to offer for every type of tourist.

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Happy travelling!

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