We've booked Coral beach club resort for our vacation in Bahrain. Is this a good choice?

I'm taking my kid along. Is this resort kid friendly? Have you stayed here? What was your view on this place?


Country: Bahrain


Coral Beach is a party venue, mostly for parties which are 18 and above. It is very active in the night. My opinion is to stay at the Ritz Carlton, Novotel, or the Gulf Hotel
My answer is dependent on the age of your child. The venue and atmosphere is quite nice. However, The Coral Beach Club tends to draw a more adult crowd. The Movenpick or the Ritz Carlton tends to have more of a mixture of families, business people and single adults. All three locations do have a number of activities available from scuba to boating.
I dont think it is g.choise for family vacation to stay in I stronglly recommend either albander resort or ritz carloton
I think is very good choice but there are places which are more enjoyable for kids. Actualy it depends which time of the year are you planning to go there.In summer anywhere in Bahrain is nice to stay.I've been to Coral beach couple of time, has a nice a bit small beach. The good think about CB is situated close to Marina club, Dolphin cornich park. Why don't u try to have a look for Gulf hotel, which is in downtown or Ritz carlton very famous,beautiful or Novotel. Or Al Bander Resort. Check it out and if you have any doubt please do ask.
Have a nice day.

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