Do all of the beaches in Sharm el sheikh have jettys for entry or can kids just run in and out of the sea?

We want to book a holiday to egypt and have two kids aged 2 and 5 who will want to play in the sea, we have been told that because of the corals you have to enter the water via a jetty, is this correct or can the kids paddle in the water without having to be taken down a jetty by an adult?


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Im glad you decided to go to Sharm, its such an amazing city..
as far as the beaches, there are ones that got no corals like Terrazzina, and the ones on the walking street beside Naema Bay..I think for kidds to play and have fun, those ones are a good option.. there could be other ones that Im not aware of..
Other than that, there are lots of beaches with corals and I think it could be hard for kids to go and play freely.....
Have a gr8 time
not all the beaches have Jettys thare are beaches has coral reef and some are sandy beaches (better for children) in sharm there is the the Old City, or Old Market there are all sandy beaches there, Ne'ema bay has some are sandy and some are coral reefs and there is another place it's name is Hadaba there all are coral beaches and dangerous for children but very beautifull coral and fishes
Hi Yahoo

the kids Running in an out would not be a good idea the sea in sharm has lots of corals so you have to be careful were you step.

Some beach’s do not have a jetty but most would . To walk in the water safely buy a pair of beach shoes they are every were in sharm and they are cheep dos not mean that you can run in and out of the water but you will walk easier with these on.

Don’t let what i said deter you from allowing the kids in the water they will be amazed at what they will see the water in sharm is full of colorful fish and very close to the shore so you don’t have to go out to far.

Hope you have a good time and let me know how it went with a write up on .

Hi there, I live in Sharm, you will find the beacches in naama can be walked as they have a sandy beach, but many of the hotels further our annd with what is called a fringing reef, will have the floating jetties. Hope this helps you.
wont say more than what was said..... upon the above answers...i travelled 2 sharm last year ...really it was amazing
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Hi - Sharm has beautiful water but difficult access mostly, there are some sandy beaches but still rocks and corals in the water so you need to be careful with kids. Does it have to be Sharm? There are other places that do have sandy beaches....

I hope you can find an answer as you will love Egypt I'm sure and you will be made very welcome.

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There are many Hotels in Sharm with sand beaches. do not worry about the kids.
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The kids should be careful because there are corals!.. unfortunately not all beaches have jettys.. but anyway with care kids can enjoy the beautiful sea of sharm
Finally.. welcome to Egypt
neama bay has sandy beaches , you can walk in the water easy but you have to takecare , water shoes are reccomended.

kids will enjoy , dont worry abotu the corals, just ask before get inside the sea

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